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Complete list of DW journals.

(Image heavy)

Apollo / Aquarion
Yunoha Suroor / Aquarion
Korosensei / Assassination Classroom
Ladd Russo / Baccano!
Maria Barcelito / Baccano!
Auger / Black Wolves Saga
Zara / Black Wolves Saga
CL4P-TP / Borderlands
Krieg / Borderlands
Melan Blue / Brigadoon
Arsene Lupin / Code: Realize
Woman / Death Parade
Maou / Dot Kareshi
Saki Morimi / Eden of the East
Zidane Tribal / Final Fantasy IX
Tidus / Final Fantasy X
Jaffar / Fire Emblem
Henry / Fire Emblem
Shin / Fragile Dreams
Cain / Galerians
ASH / Galerians
Glottis / Grim Fandango
Garry / Ib
Ruby / Jooubachi no Oubou
Kathinja / Legend of Mana
Neuro Nougami / MTNN
Ada Vessalius / Pandora Hearts
Goro Akechi / Persona 5
Morgana / Persona 5
Razputin Aquato / Psychonauts
Manuela Hidalgo / Resident Evil
Steve Burnside / Resident Evil
Kaoru Kamiya / Rurouni Kenshin
Henry Townshend / Silent Hill
Silver / Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic / Sonic the Hedgehog
Rouge / Sonic the Hedgehog
Kurisu Makise / Steins;gate
Fiora / Xenoblade
code by [community profile] cawaii

[personal profile] detecticat - Finnigan Clockfax (original)
[personal profile] cashcat - D'nalah Tia (FFXIV/original)

[personal profile] bucho / [personal profile] goodegg /[personal profile] isolator / [personal profile] aberratus / [personal profile] chorister / [personal profile] undeserved

[personal profile] harrible / [personal profile] bigbangs / [personal profile] nyanyan / [personal profile] lucifur / [personal profile] rofjinn
pm me or them if you're interested

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