Sep. 7th, 2015

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[ imagine a world where Aguri didn't die, and Korosensei didn't have his body taken over by tentacles, and, somehow, everything worked out just fine, and the two of them are now both teachers of Class 3-E. Somehow. The details aren't important, but the results are!

Of course, he's nothing more than an assistant teacher, seeing as he's a rookie teaching for the first time. But he has the best of mentors to learn from, and a pretty impressive treasure trove of knowledge, to boot. Just as she predicted, he took to teaching like a fish to water - and the change in his personality has been remarkable. Both the students and Aguri herself have really made him open up and become more human than he's probably ever been in his life. Even without the tentacles to help him this time.

It's a pleasant way of life he's never been able to enjoy until now; living simply, connecting with others, seeing and being seen. He'd spent his entire life believing that death was his only skill - now, he's discovering that he has many more that he'd merely been misusing. All of it is thanks to her. The students, too, in part, but her, especially. She was the one that reached out, pulled him from the darkness, and took him into her own life. He's grateful to her from the bottom of his heart, and he doubts that anything he does can ever properly display the depths of his gratitude to her.

But he tries. Every day, it's on his mind - or, perhaps, she's on his mind, according to the jeers of their students. Jeers he can easily laugh off, but which fluster him a little bit more than he expected them to, most likely because there's a sizeable grain of truth in them. If they knew he was going to take her out to lunch on their day off, he can only imagine what they'd be saying... Not that it's a date, of course. She's engaged. Not a date at all.

Nonetheless, he finds himself waiting at the train station for her with a bit of trepidation. That might just be because he's afraid of what she might be wearing today, though. (He has to be seen with her...) ]


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