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[ though they may not battle each day, they do march every day, or close to it. The long days are bookended by the brief respite of camp. Most of the rest of the army looks forward to it. Jaffar has no such feelings. It's always been that way for him, though the context was different - when he is working, he doesn't have to think about anything else. He becomes an extension of his blades - all that he believed he really was, for most of his life - and lets them pull his body forward. When he has downtime, though... He has nothing. A great nothingness which he is forced to gaze into. It didn't bother him too much before, but nowadays (after meeting her) he can hardly bear to be left alone with it.

Fortunately for him, he rarely is. Even if he didn't make a point of trying to always stay around her, the two of them were almost always kept in the same unit - including outside of battle, apparently, as they're currently on their turn to patrol the area. They're in enemy territory, after all. And though part of him wishes that Nino didn't have to be dragged down with him, he finds that the greater part of him is -- grateful that she chooses to stay by him. At least, he thinks it's gratitude. He's still trying to learn what he's even feeling.

The mountainous Bern landscape is unforgiving, it's cold, and the sky looks threateningly dark. Jaffar has very little doubt that he's been sent out today simply because Marquess Ostia wants to keep him away if he can. He doesn't really care. He does worry about Nino, though. When they reach the top of the small rocky outcropping they'd been climbing, he hesitates, glancing back at her. Though he's silent and stony-faced, as usual, it's easy enough to guess what's on his mind. ]


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