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shame wall

□ = wanted, ☑ = completed

☑ an actual crosscanon ship actually happening in an actual game
□ love confessions
□ p...proposal I'M A SAP
□ shy handholding
□ dramatic first kisses
□ post-apocalyptic ship, like two people trying to survive in a really bad situation and coming together during. BOND FORGED IN FIRE.
□ monster person ship (with one or both as monsters)
☑ the most cliche shoujo high school au possible
□ shy romantic first night together... if m/f, bonus points if the guy is the more awkward/inexperienced one
□ characters turned into animals while another one has to take care of them
□ characters buying presents for each other
□ kissing scars
□ two characters who were separated in canon by death/other reuniting in a game. especially a ship.
□ converting a villain to the side of good
□ beach episode
□ characters roughing it in the wild on an adventure
□ sleepy cuddling. and/or tsundere cuddling
□ one character taking care of another critically injured character. bonus points if the caregiver is the one who injured them and feels awful about it
☑ taking a bath together
□ femdom
☑ rivalmance / hero falling in love with villain or vice versa
□ dying together
□ playing a big bad monster attacking people for an event

□ someone petting auger's ears
□ vinceada first time........... shh
☑ r18 auger thread...
□ r18 auger AND mejojo AND third party thread...
□ someone getting duped by auger and having their "friendship" with him ruined
□ someone unfortunate crushing on auger
□ zara ship
☑ tidus/yuna reunion in a game
□ decim/chiyuki reunion
☑ jaffar/nino of ANY KIND
□ jin/yunoha reuniting in a game
□ neuro getting to solve big plot things / being a major player in a plot
□ neuro having stupid shenanigans with other demons
□ neuro protecting yako from other demons at the cost of his pride...
□ my otome boys need girlfriends/boyfriends real bad