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- post a character(s) or a ship
- post a prompt word or phrase
- ????
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the picture prompt meme

  • See my characters in this post?
  • Respond to them with a picture (or two, or three...)

  • I'll respond with a prompt based on the picture.
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[ So - rainforest, heavy on both the rain and forest components, humidity, and a distinct sense of unease. That appeared to be what we were dealing with here. Tidus was sorry to say it wasn't the first time something like this had happened to him, but at least he wasn't totally confused and clueless this time.

Well. All right, he was still pretty confused and generally clueless, but he did have the experience to keep from totally flipping out. For now, anyway.

First matter of business: find shelter, because it is incredibly uncomfortable to be standing around in the rain in this humidity. He was in and out of the water all the time, sure, but - call it a gut feeling: he needed to get out of here, and fast. It looked like luck was on his side when he came across a cave, which was undoubtedly dark and creepy, but probably dry. Except he is fairly certain he just heard some kind of weird noise, though he's not sure if it came from the cave or somewhere else. The rain made it hard to tell. ]

Uhh... Hey! Hello? Anyone in here?
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[HI HOLLY HEIGHTS there is one very rumpled-looking person staring down the webcam and anyone who happens to be watching their video feed. Fortunately, it doesn't last very long and he's quick to step away to a more comfortable distance. Unfortunately, this is only so he can throw his arms out to the side with great energy, complete with his lab coat flaring out...]

Greetings, Holly Heights... [DRAMATIC PAUSE] It is I, your resident top-tier mad scientist, Hououin Kyouma! To those who helped in my earlier survey, you've done well. However-!! More information is needed!

[ don't worry, the mad scientist tamer approaches... except her abilities in that field are questionable. Kurisu was cooking, but upon hearing him shouting at the webcam... sigh. She approaches from behind, wedging into the view next to him. ]

You're doing this now? [ and introducing yourself that way?! She sighs in exasperation. ] ... Don't say weird things. Anyway... Good morning. My name is Kurisu, and this is Okabe. We're actually looking for more information on some of the strange things going on in this town. For example, that lake they mentioned the other day--

[KURISU YOU ARE RUINING THE GREAT ATMOSPHERE HE CREATED gosh!! He just kind of shoots her A Look™ from the side he's now squished over to, waving one of his hands very adamantly.] You're the one saying weird things! It's the assistant's job to support the head scientist, not disagree with them! [But right whoops important things to talk about here...! He brings a hand to his mouth and clears his throat.]

It's as my assistant says. Things like that power outage and the sudden storm... They're anomalies that must be puzzled out! Any information at all will help us.

I'm not your assistant! Honestly, you don't even listen to me, do you... [ facepalm. Considering her success rate in getting him to actually call her by name is depressingly low, she's not sure why she keeps trying... too stubborn to quit. ]

Whatever. The point is, we're trying to collect data. If you've seen or heard anything you think might be related to these anomalies, we'd like to hear it.

[ and she looks like she... might have added something else, when there's suddenly a loud POPPING noise in the kitchen, followed by a splat and a bgi metallic clatter... plus a pretty vile smell, if you're actually in the house. Kurisu squawks, then suddenly looks like she's remembering something. ]

M-my soup...! [ that was soup...? ]

[no he doesn't listen, not at all...But that noise grabs his attention as well and pretty soon he is literally crushing his nose beneath both hands in an attempt to keep that nasty stink away!!]

Soup? You were cooking soup? ...Why are you cooking!? [color him shocked.... Now that he's ensured he won't pass out from noxious fumes, he quickly stands from his seat and ZIPS PAST KURISU, knocking the monitor askew in the process and disappearing into the kitchen.]

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[ So maybe Shin couldn't actually eat anymore. That was fine and expected; he'd been fully aware of the consequences of assuming a virtual form when he did it. But he could still remember how to cook and the taste of food and certain dishes. Day by day, spending time with the other few people that shared this little spaceship cabin, he was beginning to remember more about what humanity was really like - before Glass Cage and the human empathy project, before he learned about everything. And little by little, he was starting to open back up again. When they'd celebrated his birthday unexpectedly, he'd been pleasantly surprised - a feeling he hadn't had since that night on Tokyo Tower. But, moreover, he wasn't just pleased; he was grateful. That never happened.

Towards Seto, he especially felt gratitude. After all, he already owed him a great deal. Thus, for once, the bitter Shin felt like he ought to do something for someone, and that would be why he's in the kitchen, apparently making noodles. Just udon noodles.

Maybe he wasn't great at it, but he might as well try. ]


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