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[ Three years may have passed, and Yako may have grown, but for Neuro, it had been nothing more than the blink of an eye, and when he returns, he's much the same as ever. The only thing changed is his battered appearance - it's as though he'd never been injured at all, nor spent a year draining his abilities - and, perhaps, just maybe, a slight change in his behavior towards her, though with Neuro, it's hard to tell. A less controlling hand; an occasional sense of pride towards her. Little things that couldn't be clearly quantified. And they're even more uncertain coupled with the fact that the number of attacks and beatings hasn't changed at all. Still, there's a faint sense that he sees her differently, as minor a shift as it may be for a stubborn old demon. Less pillbug and more partner, though he seldom decides to honor her with any nickname nicer than "slug."

And though he still insists on dragging her into absolutely everything. Case in point: she's just had a good chunk of her bank account vacated to buy two tickets onto this luxury cruise liner. Almost meeting his death in the water clearly wasn't enough to scare Neuro away from it. After two of this line's ships went missing out in the Pacific Ocean without a trace, a more serious investigation was called for - not looking for the ships or the bodies, of course, but the criminal behind it. According to Neuro, it's not an accident. Also according to Neuro, the culprit should be aboard this ship, and the mystery should be quite sumptuous!

Well, he's excited.

They're nearing the end of the first day aboard, and, evidently, the mystery is stil "ripening," according to him. As such, there hasn't been any serious investigation yet, although there's little doubt that Neuro's minions are scuttling about the ship. The sun is starting to set on the deck, and the view is quite stunning. The other passengers are watching peacefully. Predictably, Neuro is ignoring it entirely. ]

Look, Yako. I have found a drinking straw made in your size. [ instead, he's prodding her face with one end of a pool noodle. ]


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