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[open forever] one-sentence drabbles!


- post a character(s) or a ship
- post a prompt word or phrase
- ????
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garry + diva, resistance
henry + diva, gore
garry + gilbert, care
henry + olivia, lucky
henry + olivia, snow
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garry/diva/resistance: When it comes to his personal feelings, he likes to think of himself as sensible and in control; every time she links hands with him and laughs that airy laugh, he's forced to question that line of thinking.

henry/diva/gore: "I brought you a snack!" Henry announced happily, banging on Diva's door in the middle of the night with nothing less than a bloody sack full of the hearts of some very unfortunate monsters.

garry/gilbert/care: At least for once, Gilbert's fixing a wound on poor Garry instead of inflicting it - although he'd be having an easier time of it if the latter would stop fidgeting around nervously every time he got too close.

henry/olivia/lucky: It wasn't until he got to attend one of her larger ceremonial performances in Ferox, feel the envious stares of the other men on him when they managed to tear their eyes from Olivia and spot the wedding band on his finger, that Henry realized how lucky he really was.

henry/olivia/snow: She couldn't get him to wear anything warmer than his usual robes when he went out in the snow any more than she could get him to stop snuggling up to her for warmth afterwards, no matter how much she worried and how deeply she blushed.
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these are great though sib, thank you ♥
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eileen/henry ; home

i'll attack you with fes tomorrow
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She finally said "Let's go home," and he took her; she noticed at the precipice of her apartment's door, keys twisted in the lock, heart throbbing with fear, that this was no longer her home any more than the hospital was, and the only piece of home she had left was Henry.
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garry + ib - playground
okabe/kurisu - keeping warm
henry/olivia - doomed timeline, sunny weather, firsts
henry + olivia + inigo - performance, family dinner
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garry/ib/playground: Ib felt like she was maybe too old for this, and Garry knew that he was too old for this, but by the time they're both laughing on the swings - even Ib, in her timid, quiet voice - neither one really cared.

okabe/kurisu/keeping warm: She hadn't properly prepared for the Tokyo winter waiting for her when she stepped off the plane; Kurisu convinced herself that was the perfectly logical reason that she pressed up close to him on the crowded train car back to the lab, both of them red-eared, as Okabe shyly wrapped his free arm around her back.

henry/olivia/doomed timeline: It was an unfortunately nostalgic scene for Henry, hiding out in the forest with death encroaching from every side; when he looks at Olivia's desperate face and the terrified, white-haired child clinging to her chest beside him, he knows he won't make the mistake of letting his family die before him again.

henry/olivia/sunny weather: He can name all the plants blooming along the side of the road... his names for them, anyway, and she can't help but giggle as he rattles off titles like Spicy Ouch Flower and Snuggly Tickleweed.

henry/olivia/firsts: When he finally asks "Can I kiss you, Olivia?" while wearing an expression closer to shyness than she'd ever seen on him, all her red-cheeked embarrassment and trepidation can't stop her from replying with a tiny nod; even though he bumps against her nose and nearly misses her lips, completely lacking in experience as he is, she can't help but feel like he's just right.

henry/olivia/inigo/performance: Six-year-old Inigo wasn't brave enough to dance in front of his friends, and Olivia was too ashamed to dance in private for him, but Henry finds a loophole when they let him watch them practice together, clapping for them with a mixture of pride in their talent and enchantment in how honestly cute they both were.

henry/olivia/inigo/family dinner: She's actually kind of terrified of whatever concoction Inigo and Henry are whipping up in the kitchen, as grateful as her reply had been when they offered to cook dinner tonight, and she glances over at the old dog laying near where she sits, thinking there might be a few extra table scraps for her tonight.
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henry/olivia ; sweetness, casting, rhythm
henry + olivia + inigo ; stay, gone, magic
vincent/ada ; "pick your poison", serendipity
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m!morgan + ada ; flowers, bugs
f!morgan + ada ; dresses, determination
f!morgan + henry ; family, belief, blood