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super fluff meme

fluff scenario

1. Sick day. You're down with the flu or some injury. Whatever the reason, you're bedridden or at the hospital. Aren't you lucky that that special someone came to visit you?

2. Date night. You've made special plans to show that special someone just how much you love them and nothing can go wrong tonight.

3. Cheer up. One or both of you is feeling down and it's time to get out of that slump by either finding a way to distract yourself or talking it out with the other person.

4. Love confession. Your stomach is doing flip flops and your heart is racing, but you've read all the signs right, and it's time to let that other person know you feel the same way.

5. Special gift. Maybe it's the first time, or maybe this is the gift that really counts. Birthday, Christmas, or just a random present, you've been planning and saving up for this one and are hoping that special person will like it.

6. Last time (for awhile). One of you is going away for some reason (it can be as simple or angsty as you want it to be) and you may be back or you may not, but you want to spend the time you've got left where you are with someone special.

7. Pillow talk. You've just had fantastic sex (which playing out is optional!) and you're both content to lay back and enjoy a little bit of pillow talk or maybe go for round two as soon as you catch your breath!

8. Shared dessert. Whether it's because you're both cheap or you're one of those cute, lovey-dovey couples who love sharing desserts, the two of you are sharing that delicious ice cream sundae or cake with one another. Did some of it get on your partner's nose? Or maybe you want to go ahead and take a bite out of the cookie sticking out of their mouth.

9. Need a friend. You just want to hang out with the guys/girls and have a little fun.

10. I'm sorry. You had a fight with someone and now it's time to kiss and make up. . . or at least make up.

11. A moment at home. There's nothing better than enjoying a peaceful day without anything to worry about. Maybe you'll share a book with a friend, or just enjoy some tea and catch up.

12. Been so long. You're back after a long trip somewhere and now it's time to meet up with someone you've missed a lot and make up for lost time!

13. I'll defend you until the end. You're going to fight for that person and you're going to let them know it or show them, whichever comes first.

14. Pillow fight. You're both feeling the need to have some friendly horseplaying, and what better way than with pillows?

15. Wild card. Reroll, pick an option, or come up with something else!

physical contact

1. Hugging. You just want to give your loved one a warm embrace. Be it out of happiness, to comfort them while they're down, or just to give them something warm to latch onto, you just want to wrap your arms around them.

2. Kissing. Whether it's a peck on the cheek or a deep kiss, a kiss good-bye or a romantic kiss, you find yourself compelled to kiss the other person! Be as tender or as passionate as you so choose.

3. Holding hands. It's a simple gesture, really -- to reach out and take someone's hand. But that one simple gesture can convey any number of sentiments. What the sentiment is is up to you, but you find yourself reaching out to take your significant other's hand.

4. Carrying. Is your loved one hurt and needs a lift? Do they want a piggyback ride? Or do you just want to spare them the effort of walking? Whatever the reason, you're now itching to pick up your partner and carry them to their destination (maybe even the bedroom).

5. Dancing. Kick up the music, because it's time to dance! But no lone dancing allowed -- you need to have a partner! You can do whatever dance strikes your fancy. Personally, I recommend the slow dance, but you can do whatever you want!

6. Massaging. Did your significant other have a rough day? Did they get hurt? Or do you just feel like doing something really nice for them? Whatever it is, you're giving them a nice massage now. They'll feel wonderful in no time!

7. Tickling. Does that special someone feel a little tense? Maybe they've been frowning a little too much late? Or maybe you're just feeling a little devilish. Give them a tickle and see what happens!

8. Cuddling. Sometimes there's just no better feeling than curling up next to each other on a warm sofa. Hold each other, lie next to each other, fall asleep on each other -- it's all good here.

9. Wild Card. Reroll, pick an option, or come up with something else!
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ada vessalius / pandora hearts

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kurisu makise / steins;gate

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henry / fire emblem

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5+1 why hello

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[You know.

It's best not to question these things when they happen. Regardless, Morgan is tearing through the camp, a package held in her hands behind her back (narrowly avoiding Brady, who looks like he might cry, and Yarne, who also looks like he might cry when he sees her) and then she finds her target and--]

Uncle Henry! Uncle Henryyyyyy!
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HELLO THERE i'm sorry if i'm rusty

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[ meanwhile, Henry is... what is Henry doing? It's anyone's guess, honestly, but he's got a little bag in his hands and he's sitting around surrounded by crows, so feeding the birds, probably. Either that, or trying to get something from them.

It's a moot point, however, since they all fly away nervously when Morgan runs up. Fortunately, he doesn't seem bothered at all, turning to her with his usual smile. ]

Woah! What's all the hustle and bustle about, Morgan? Ooh, is there something big and crawly on my back, maybe?
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YOU'RE FINE sib is always one with henry

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[sorry about your birbs, Henry.

Morgan's just bouncing on her feet, also ignoring the birds as they flutter off, and grinning. She's just so eager it's terrible.]

Er, nope, I don't think so! That...probably doesn't make you happy though, huh?


But here! [she presents the present] I have something for you!
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A present?

[ Woah. He never gets presents. Somewhat reverent, more curious, he takes the present from her delicately, holding it up in front of him. For now, he'll ignore the disappointment of not having a gigantic beetle crawling down his cloak. ]

For me? Aw, you shouldn't have! What's the occasion?
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Welllllll, I was looking at the date, and then I realized--it's been about a year since we got back from Haven, right?

[So have a giant grin.]

It's like an anniversary of a year without death, torment and Dr. Kite's face!
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[ for a moment, Henry tilts his head back and forth, apparently thinking. Now that she mentions it... ]

Hmm, yeah, I guess it is! Wowie, that sure went by fast! Time flies when you're not being tortured to death every day. [ truer words have never been spoken. But he lowers the present again, holding it in front of his chest, and gives her another innocent look. ] But you don't have to thank me for that.


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march hare / alice=alice

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1 and..... i don't know ehue wherever it ends up!!

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I'm dying... I'm dying dying dying dying... [He's whining, feebly, his head buried underneath a pillow as he listens to the sound of someone else moving around his house. Black rabbit's voice is thick and nasally, the type where your d's turn into b's.

He curls his fingers around the edge of the blanket, pulling it just under his fever-flushed face, his eyes watering.]

Did you hear me?! [His voice croaks when he raises it too loud and he cuts off with a ragged cough, turning to bury it in the pillow. He doesn't know what's going on. He doesn't get sick! He just doesn't, you know?! It's kind of funny given the ways he's always trying to die ("trying to die"). But here he is, a miserable rabbit with a terrible cold hoping some of this guy's medicine could cure it.]
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LMFAO black rabbit... so whiny....

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[ who knows why he agreed to do this... if you asked him, he'd reply that he had nothing better to do, and maybe he could do some experimentation on Black Rabbit while he was here. In reality, it's probably a combination of being lonely and some misplaced sense of camraderie. One that he's quickly regretting and trying to forget about now that he's remembered what the other rabbit is actually like. So annoying...! ]

Rrrgh... Of course I hear you. Shut up! [ his testy voice calls from the other room, followed by a clattering sound. Oops. Hopefully it wasn't anything Black Rabbit owned. ] Quit interrupting my work! Besides, it should be fine if you die, right?!

[ you've asked him for enough help with that...... good thing he's not a real doctor. ]
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the whiniest.....

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[Black Rabbit begins to bristle as he hears that sound, raising his voice again despite how it makes his throat ache in a raw way:] Are you breaking something?! You'd better not make a mess!

[And then he just bristles more at the indignity of it. H-how dare the other rabbit say something like that! How cruel. Only he's allowed to say how much he wants to die.] So you want me to die, is it?! You want me to die... aah... [He slumps back into pillows with a pitiful groan.]

I want to die...

[and here we go]
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that's why we love him

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[ no he definitely broke something... considering there's also the sound of something being swept away following and a tactful lack of response.. it will be a surprise for tomorrow.

BUT LET'S MOVE PAST THE DESTRUCTION OF BLACK RABBIT'S BELONGINGS. March Hare stomps into the room shortly after, looking severely annoyed. Slightly more than usual. ]

The one who wants you to die is you, you birdbrain! Be quiet! Stop yelling at me! [ yells March Hare. Do as he says, not as he does. In his hands, he's gripping what looks like a graduated cylinder of some mysterious liquid - presumably, his "medicine," considering he's marching over to the other rabbit's bed with it. ] I've completed your stupid medicine, so sit up and stop complaining. You'll give me a headache.
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for being just... terrible...

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[...March Hare please you're lucky he's miserable or he'd be shrieking. Er. Shrieking more. He's still definitely disgruntled. And looks just as disgruntled (and also pathetic) as he raises his face from his pillow and stares at him.]

Is it really going to work? [a doubtful snuffle as he slowly sits up, with a great effort.] I'm tired. I'm in enough pain with that curse without having this happen to me... aah...

[sorry March Hare he's such a rudie who doesn't even say thanks]

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LMAO SIB........

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auger / black wolves saga

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[ one of these things is not like the others ]
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garry / ib

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8 + 3 i don't think i could get more vanilla if I tried

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[He wasn't used to full days with nothing to do. At the very least, they'd get one pair of visitors to the bar. On a busy day he'd finish judging one pair and have to hurry through the clean up, only finishing just in time for the next pair to arrive.

But days with no one due to visit the bar at all? Rare. Almost unheard of.

It wasn't like there was nothing he could do on days like this, but he had a more permanent addition to the bar to consider before he vanished off into the back rooms to work on his mannequins. He could stay here and work on other cocktail recipes, he supposed, but they'd have to drink all of the results - he'd never attempted this, or pressed the issue before, but he had a suspicion Quin might throttle him if he wasted her precious liquor. It was one of the few rules she'd left him with, utilising her alcohol collection to the fullest. He couldn't break that rule, it would be rude.

So he's compromising, but standing very still behind the bar and staring at the multiple liquor bottles instead. He can mull over combinations and form ideas, and he won't be rudely vanishing into the back of the bar and leaving his "partner" to her own devices for the entire day. Nailed it.

Of course, this means it does look like he's completely spacing out while staring at alcohol bottles. But he isn't especially bothered by that.]
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LMFAO IT'S OKAY... we'll get there... also i'm sorry if i suck i need to rewatch some eps

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[ if she knew he was doing this out of consideration for her, she'd be a little more patient with him. As things are, well - here she is sitting in Quindecim without another soul (ha) to be seen besides Decim, who is, as far as she can tell, zoning out and staring into space. Part of her is sure he's actually doing something, but he's an odd man; she can't say she'd be entirely surprised if he was doing nothing at all.

Can she really criticize him for it when she's not really doing anything, either, though?

She'd never really thought about it until now, but she's been depending on him to direct her schedule since waking up here. It's not a bad thing. After all, she has no idea what to do otherwise. (For some reason, that realization doesn't bother her much, either.) Unfortunately, it also means that when he's not doing anything, she's left sort of stranded. Today, he hasn't told her to get ready for judgements or anything. Slow day, maybe...? For being an assistant, she finds herself pretty poorly educated on how the infrastructure of her job works.

Regardless of the reason, she's got nothing to do, Decim's not doing anything, and she can't help feeling a little irritated sitting here meaninglessly like this. She drums her fingers on the bar idly once or twice, gaze drifting to the back of his head. ]

... So? What are you doing?
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there might even be scandalous hugging. so lewd. ... also don't worry, I need a rewatch too!!

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[He doesn't respond immediately - not that he didn't hear her. He'd spent enough time around her that he was somewhat attuned to the tone of her voice. Perhaps that was a normal thing for humans, a lot of memories he'd seen showing human children responding to the voices of their families before they should have been old enough to understand the words that were being spoken. Currently, he's too busy thinking about potential combinations of the alcohol in front of him, so he files that other topic away under 'things to consider later' and finally focusing on the woman sat across the bar from him.]

A cocktail with coffee in.

[Decim turns his head back to look at the drinks around him. Coffee was a popular drink, wasn't it? He hadn't had much of it. But it was popular, so maybe he could incorporate it. Lighter flavours, maybe coconut? Something creamy, like the milk and cream based additions people often added in coffee shops.]

Would you drink something like that?
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woah hugs?!? let's not get too steamy in here man

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A cocktail...?

[ she repeats what he said, raising an eyebrow with some surprise. He is an actual bartender, she supposes, despite what he spends most of his time doing. Still, it's not what she was expecting. She figured he was thinking about being an arbiter or something heavy. ]

Sure. [ it's not like it sounds bad. ] But... Should you really be doing that right now? Don't we have to judge people or something?

[ are you slacking off, decim?! what would nona say. ]
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i just can't help myself

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[Excuse. He never slacks off.]

There has been no indication we will have guests as of right now.

[Although he doubts it will stay that way all day. But he's aware that they cycle guests according to suitability, and there's every chance that none of the newly dead are suitable to go to floor fifteen for judging.

He's staring at the liquor bottles again. Partially to weigh up which ones would go best with coffee, and partially out of a odd, tiny sense of wonder. Quin had certainly been more than devoted to her alcohol collection if she'd managed to procure seven different sorts of coconut flavoured vodka. No one had ordered coconut vodka in the entire time he'd been working here.]

Given the option of remaining here, or working on other things to pass the time [mannequins. Totally mannequins.], this is the more convenient [In case Nona suddenly decides to throw a storm of judgements their way.] and polite option. [That involves not leaving his assistant to sit around at the bar all day and stare at the ceiling. Or... whatever it is she'd do to pass the time.]

contain your lewdness

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i still don't want to :|

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decim is too dumb for that

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excuse. he can learn....

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why such suspicion...

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