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come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imaginaaation


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EXCELLENT PROFIT (i don't really need to explain this do i)

(now with less shipping)

"It can be hard enough being ejected from your own home - imagine being plucked away from your home world! This could be because of your own doing (say, you were banished for being too cocky), you were too evil or too ambitious to stay, or even due to an accident. Those temporal shifts can be a little much. Whether by design or by chaos, however, you end up in the same place...or, rather, a different place. Theoretically, this world could be very much like your own, with only a few minor changes, like a purple sky instead of a blue one or lion-demons instead of tiger-vampires. On the other hand, it could be completely different, anywhere from more technologically advanced or less so or even filled to the brim with bizarre creatures. They still use cars? What are those infernal beeping devices? Why does no one have feathers or gills? Needless to say, this could be overwhelming if you are possibly powerless and definitely alone.

But you're not alone. Someone, a native of this world, has ended up tangled into this whole affair with you, whether they want it or not. You can't turn that down. They're your only ally, your only anchor in this brand new world. Maybe, just maybe, they can show you a thing or two to help you back up on your feet. Or, best case scenario, back to your home! When you're out of the frying pan and into the fire, though, nothing is cut and dry. Everything about this world may not be so horrible - it may be fun, even - and this person you've ended up with, oh, they could be worse. In fact, you may be beginning to feel at home with them.

Remember. This is not your real home. You want to go back, don't you?

And what about the other party? Of course, you may be less than thrilled that you now are playing tour guide to what seems like a crazy person. Perhaps this was out of the kindness of your heart or you may be forced to play babysitter, but it all leads to you keeping an eye out on them. They have to be lying about all this! Sure, they may talk strange, unconsciously insult you, and act like the simplest things confuse them; that has to be an act!"

TL;DR - your character is now in my character's world, or my character is in your character's world! YOU DECIDE.
  1. arrival → You've just arrived...and someone has seen it. What's your impression? Good? Bad? Get the hell away from them? It may depend on why you're here in the first place.
  2. not so different → Huh, this could be your own home in the universe, except for a few subtle changes. But those changes stand out.
  3. different time → The place you've ended up is either much more advanced or much more primitive than you're used to.
  4. different world → They breathe oxygen? Where is their night vision?
  5. magical moment → See the gif. Essentially, it's that moment of interest before everything goes absolutely wrong.
  6. disbelief → So, they says they're an ancient Roman or a magic sky god. Did they hit their head?
  7. argument → No, no, no. You're not going anywhere until we get you some clothes and some help.
  8. forced to take them in → You have no other choice but to take this person in. You were either charged with the task or feel guilty.
  9. offer of shelter → You actually want to take them in out of the kindness of your heart.
  10. depowered → Were you a powerhouse before? Well, now you're an average joe. That'll teach you.
  11. misunderstanding → Here, we don't walk around in loin cloths, draw swords, or barely bathe or eat toothpaste. We also don't ride dogs, either.
  12. friendly fun → Being around here isn't always bad. You get to see new sights, taste new foods, and make new friends. Your milage may vary on the last one.
  13. introduced traditions → Time for the newcomer to show their host something from the old country, so to speak, or the reverse.
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[ It's been a good few days since the arrival of someone not from this world-- and thankfully, this particular someone wasn't a star trying to destroy humanity, a demon trying to destroy humanity, or anything else trying to destroy humanity. With the threat of another Septentrione down for the time being, Otome has had plenty of time to do... well, very little, except tend to wounded civilians and JP'S members. The demons are getting stronger, and a lot of the medical personnel have been injured, too. She can only imagine how Koharu must feel, having her cousin-turned-mother always away from home all the time, but it looks like tonight's going to be another late one. She hasn't even had a chance to check on Zara for more than a few brief minutes today (although she had warned Fumi not to try any sort of experimenting on him).

If anyone was to look for her, for any reason, she'll be in the medical bay, either speaking reassuringly to a man as she adjusts his IV and tells him to rest, or on a hunt for more bandages.

She may also be looking incredibly tired when most of her patients have closed their eyes. ]
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[ Thank goodness he had the fortune to be picked up by someone kind.

That's about all he can say that's positive about his situation. How this happened - and what had happened - anything about what's going on, he has no idea. The place he's in is so alien, from the furniture to the people, that he hardly believes he's not dreaming. The only reason he's operating on the belief that he's awake is that no number of pinches have managed to bring him back to Weblin so far.

Trying to go back to sleep didn't work, either, though not for lack of trying; he's so full of nervous energy that passing out is impossible. He is, though he hates to admit it, scared. Scared for himself. Scared for Fiona, too. Without him around, she could be in real danger. Attempts to lay in the odd bed provided for him failed, and he resorted to pacing around the room, anxious, thinking deeply to no avail.

She'd come in once, and that was the only contact he'd had. Apparently, there weren't any other Rabitz here - nothing but humans, in fact. If he walked out, he'd be noticed, separated, possibly put in more danger, judging by the faint facts about the current situation that he can recall. But being alone in the unfamiliar room all day is driving him crazy. Zara is the type that needs to productive; he has to try something.

And so, after several hours of nervous pacing, panicking and praying, he takes the sheet from his bed, wraps it around himself like a cape and cowl to cover his ears and tail, and ventures out to find her. He looks ridiculous and he knows it. But he has to at least try. ]

-- Miss Otome...?
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Hm-- oh, Zara! [ What tiredness lingering in her face vanishes with her smile, as she turns to look at him-- and blinks, tilting her head to look him over properly. ]

... You do realize that you don't need to hide yourself like that, I'd hope. No one here is going to think strangely of you.

[ Since everyone here either summoned or fought demons, a man with rabbit ears and an adorable tail is not that weird. ]
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Are you certain? I don't want to land myself in an even bigger mess...

[ he's clearly making a straining effort to sound normal and polite, as he usually does, but he's not quite making it. He lets the blanket slip back, ears popping out while he looks vaguely uneasy. It's not that he's ashamed of being a rabbit or anything, and he's used to being the only one of his kind around - but he's an oddity here, apparently. ]

... Am I interrupting you?
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Not at all! [ Just look at that smile. Otome's learned a long time ago that the best way to make someone comfortable is to act as usual. ]

I enjoy company, actually, but most of my patients are finally resting for the night, and there's only so much talking to myself that I can do before others get concerned.
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[ he meets it with his own smile, though it's small and rather forced. She's trying to be cheerful for him, and he appreciates it, but he can tell she's tired. Looking after a teenager and two kids have made him pretty good at spotting the signs. That, and he figures she just has to be. ]

... Well, when you put it that way, I'd feel worse not indulging you, [ Zara responds, voice dry, though in a worn-out way rather than scornful. Folding the blanket in his hands, he walks towards her. ] Though... I admit that I have nothing in particular to say. I'm simply restless.
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You can help me count rolls of bandages, if you'd prefer to keep your hands busy. [ Otome's smile turns slightly sympathetic, though. She can only imagine how he feels, so far from home and in a world that's... well, frankly, gone to Hell. ]

Is there too much on your mind right now? I imagine that would make it difficult to sleep.
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[ Counting rolls of bandages sounds terribly uninteresting and not comforting in the least, but, as she said, it would at least distracting. His forced expression fades somewhat, but he nods curtly with an affirmative hum. It's better than pacing a hole into the floor of that little room. ]

To put it lightly, yes. I... am still holding onto the hope that I'm having a very bad dream. [ beat. ] No offense intended, of course.
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Being the product of someone's nightmare would be a first for me, but I'm hardly offended. [ Otome turns to beckon him over to the supply closet, where one entire shelf is just stacked with bandages. There's a clipboard hanging on the back of the door, one she'll pull free. ]

We all get anxious when we've been pulled from our homes and families, and your situation has taken it a step further. But I assure you, we're also trying to find a way to return you to where you belong. [ Between battles and the aftermaths, anyway. ]
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[ This is the part where he'd offer some friendly banter in return. Unfortunately, he's not really in a mood for bantering. Absently, he glances inside the closet, but it's pretty obvious his mind is elsewhere, no matter how normally he's trying to behave.

Of course, he's concerned for himself, but he's far more concerned for Fiona - as always. Is she all right without him? He'd left her in a precarious position, to put it lightly. Julian and Nesso are with her, but if she truly had contracted the disease... His fingers curl tightly around his sleeve as he grips one arm. ]

Yes. Thank you, miss Otome. I do appreciate it. [ again, his voice sounds distracted and distraught, though it's veiled behind manners. ] Do you... have any idea how this could have happened? Have you made any progress?
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[ A part of Otome is wondering if it might have been better to have Fumi or Hinako around, or Airi-- all three were capable of stating things without reservation, would have called Zara out on his forced focus on his manners... if they had noticed. Otome is too tactful a person for that, and the last thing she wants to do is to put him on the spot.

She's also kept her troubles behind a gentle smile, after all. ]

I'm afraid we haven't figured out how... our stronger enemies have found methods of summoning demons without contracting with them, but you're clearly not a demon. You're also not hostile to us, so that rules out a Septentrione's influence.

The most I can say is that, even if we can't find the exact reason, returning you home shouldn't be as difficult. You may just have to bear with us for a few days... and I'm sorry for that. You must have people you're worried about.

[ She's also been there. ]
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[ when she says he's not a demon, he shakes his head unconsciously, looking faintly appalled at the idea. How could he possibly be a demon...? Then again, if a strange-looking person suddenly appeared in Weblin and claimed to be from another world, he supposes thinking them a demon wouldn't be entirely unreasonable. ]

I hope that you're right. [ a simple statement, but a very genuine one. If she's not right, he doesn't know what he'll do. Though he's not cold, he seems huddled. ] ... I believe I mentioned to you that I'm a servant in the employ of a noble house. In truth, I'm the caretaker of the earl's daughter... She is a girl of frail health. If I'm gone...
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[ Yeah, let her tell you about all the strange-looking people who have shown up and wreaked havoc... we won't talk about the Anguished One, either.

Otome pauses now, then reaches out to rest a hand on his shoulder. He's not much taller, easier to reach than Jungo. ]

... You're worried she'll worsen. [ Ah, there's that empathy, thick in her throat. ] That would trouble anyone.
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[ with a name like anguished one, he has to be good news.

The hand on his shoulder makes him stiffen with a jerk, but it's a pure reaction, not any actual dislike. He's not used to being touched. Zara nods his head, lips pressing into a thin line. ]

Precisely. My master and another friend are with her, but they lack my expertise. I'm the only one that really knows her condition. [ and everything else about her. ] ... If there's anything I can do to hasten your investigation into what's happened to me, please, let me know. I dislike feeling so helpless.
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I won't ask you to fight with us.

[ This, Otome says very firmly. Her fingers flex slightly on his shoulder, before she draws her hand back. ] The fastest way would be to defeat the Septentriones, but each one is different and requires a certain strategy to be formed. And there are always so many wounded or killed... it's not something we can leap into as quickly as we'd like.

[ She's seen so many friends and coworkers lost, these past few days... and she shudders faintly, shaking her head. ]

Fumi may ask to scan you, in the hopes that your body may provide some answers, but that's all we would ask of you.
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[ Zara can fight. He knows his way around a sword well enough to defend himself and his lady, if he must. But this is a different world, with different rules, and he doubts his tolerable skill level with a blade would be enough to make any difference. Grimly, he nods once again.

Somehow, he'd known that would be the answer, but it's still not the one he was hoping for. ]

... That's fine. As long as you're doing something - that's all I ask. [ it's generous enough that they're helping him at all. ] Do you mean an examination?
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A very in-depth one, yes. [ Otome turns back to the bandages, eyebrows furrowed-- they're lower than she would like. ] Fumi can be... a bit focused when it comes to research, so if you'd like an additional person there, a doctor...

[ She's not the only one. ]
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[ now this is sounding ominous. His ears flag slightly. ]

... How "in-depth" are you talking about, exactly?

[ he's not a little kid that needs escorting, which he think should be patently obvious, meaning there's something else going on here. ]
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... Should I say the other person is more to keep Fumi in line, so she doesn't go as uncomfortably in-depth as she might like to?
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[ egh. ]

... Understood. I'd rather not be treated like a lab animal, but...

[ bad memories there... save him from her, otome. ]
Edited 2015-10-06 06:23 (UTC)
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I'll be your ally.

[ Said the short, soft-spoken lady. ]
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[ listen, short, soft-spoken ladies have done a lot for him in his life so far. He offers her a wry smile. ]

Well, thank you. I seem to be relying on you quite a bit.
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[personal profile] mombastic 2015-10-11 06:04 am (UTC)(link)
As a doctor and a mother, I would hope to come across as reliable! I'd be a little worried if I wasn't.

[ There are a lot of people looking to her, after all. ]

And I suspect if our situations were reversed, you might help me out as well.
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... Mother? You've a child?

[ of course, for his time period, girls as young as 15 or 16 could become mothers, and Otome is clearly older than that - still, he finds himself somewhat surprised. Perhaps because she's dedicating so much time to working instead of rearing said child. ]
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[personal profile] mombastic 2015-10-13 02:38 pm (UTC)(link)
She's actually my cousin, but her parents both died, so I've been taking care of her.

... Of course, with all of this happening so suddenly, I haven't been able to spend as much time with her as we'd both like...

[ Koharu understood, that there were lives that needed her presence, but all the same, there's clear guilt written on Otome's face. ]
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... Ah. I see.

[ his voice goes a little quieter. That's something he can relate to - not Otome's position, but the girls. If only he'd had any living relatives to go to. All that waited for him after that were shackles. Until Edgar saved him, at least. ]

You're doing something very good. She'll wait for you.

[ he tries to sound reassuring. Maybe it'll help him reassure himself. ]
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[personal profile] mombastic 2015-10-21 08:05 pm (UTC)(link)
I hate to have her wait for me at all.

... I think she would like you, though.

[ He's got bunny ears, after all. ]
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[ it's hard to offer a smile with the nervous knot in his gut, but he tries. ]

I'm told that I'm good with children, [ he replies, as normally as he can manage. ] ... All that, and now you're taking care of me, as well. I'll do my best not to be a burden.
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[personal profile] mombastic 2015-10-24 04:44 pm (UTC)(link)
I would ask that you don't consider yourself as such. [ And it's still politely worded, but firm. ] You're an ally, and as such, it's no trouble to try and assist you.
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[ a curious flick of his ears, though rather half-hearted. ]

You're quick to trust me so, Miss Otome.
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[personal profile] mombastic 2015-10-25 05:55 pm (UTC)(link)
... I've seen what's been happening in this world, people turning against each other, exploiting and manipulating...

[ Otome pauses, gently shaking her head. ]

I'm not asking you to trust me, Zara, but I could also not expect you to even consider trusting me if I didn't try to put my faith in you as well. I want to believe that you're someone worth aiding.
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Of course. It was an observation, not a suggestion to do otherwise... Forgive me. I'm afraid my coming here was preceded by a long series of tricks and deceptions.

[ the monarchy has been unkind... ]

I promise you, I could do you no harm even if I had reason to. I hardly understand anything around me here.
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[personal profile] mombastic 2015-10-28 06:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Even more reason for me to be grateful that you're relying on me! [ With a laugh. ] If you've been tricked and manipulated for some time before coming here, I'd be reluctant to trust anyone at all.

... If you wouldn't mind telling me more about yourself and your world sometime, though, I'd love to hear it. There may be some similarities that will help in finding a way to return you.
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[ she's very good-natured. He wishes that he could trust her as quickly in return, but, as she says, he's reluctant. For the time being, he simply has no choice. Zara offers a faint smile. ]

If you'd like. I have a feeling I won't be getting much sleep at all tonight.
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[personal profile] mombastic 2015-11-04 07:05 am (UTC)(link)
You should still try to rest when you can... I'm sure a foreign environment can't be too helpful for your body. You'll have to help it along with plenty of sleep and nourishment.

[ Yes, of course she's going to faintly worry about him-- ]

But until then... if you'd like to talk about whatever you're comfortable with sharing, that seems like it might help the night go by a little faster. [ And maybe make him tired enough to sleep. ]
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[personal profile] sewayaku 2015-11-06 07:18 am (UTC)(link)
[ that's part of the reason he's doing it, too - chatter might make him sleepy, as wired as he feels. Then, for a few hours, he can pretend this isn't happening.

Zara hums thoughtfully, leaning against the wall by the closet door slightly. ]

Well... To begin with, it's not nearly as advanced as this world. We've no such thing as fireless lights, like you have, or horseless carriages... No machines, either. I hardly recognize anything here.
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[personal profile] mombastic 2015-11-06 07:35 am (UTC)(link)
I see... so there's a distinct lack of technology. [ She can just imagine Fumi lamenting over such a world, honestly. ]

I thought you'd seemed a little overwhelmed when we first brought you to our headquarters, but JP's is also impressive in its own right.
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[personal profile] sewayaku 2015-11-06 08:04 am (UTC)(link)
... Just my luck, I suppose.

[ of course he'd end up somewhere that's as foreign to him as possible. He sounds somewhat bitter, but he shakes it off. ]

You said that it's powered by electricity, not fire...?
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[personal profile] mombastic 2015-11-06 03:34 pm (UTC)(link)
That's correct. This facility also has some spiritual power of its own to maintain certain functions, but that's a little more complicated to explain.

[ Please don't ask her to explain it. ]