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[ Sometimes, in between teaching a classroom full of rowdy (but dear) children, creating study guides, grading papers, dodging assassination attempts, and travelling the world in quick half-hour sessions, Korosensei does find time to sleep. He's not sure he needs to sleep anymore, in all honesty, but he does, even though it feels like he should be filling every minute of every hour with things, the way they're slipping through his fingers.

Or his tentacles, rather.

Sometimes, he dreams about things from the present: nonsensical dreams about his students, or food, or people and places he's seen around the Earth - the icy plains of the arctic, flower-filled fields in South Africa, busy market streets in China. Other times, he'll have dreams about the past, when he was the God of Death, about blood on his hands, black clouds and gunfire, and the sterile fluorescent lights in a single-room white chamber. Those are unpleasant.

And sometimes, if he's really unlucky, he'll have dreams about her.

It's a normal enough day in the old school building - a hot, late summer day after school, when he's finished tutoring and is cheerfully slithering down the hall towards the teacher's lounge, humming out-of-tune to himself. He opens the door. He freezes. ]

-- Nu...

[ And she's sitting there like nothing ever happened. ]
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[ She sure is, in another ridiculous shirt-- because even if her students teased her, she was fond of them, and it had always given them a reason to smile.

She smiles now, towards him, moving to rise to her feet and smooth her skirt down. ]

Good work today.
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[ Wait, instead of having a grand and beautiful moment, she's going to look down at herself, flustered. ] It is? I mean, it is! I haven't changed that much, have I? I don't think my hair's grown out, or I've put on weight--
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You look happier. [ She shifts forward, moving closer to extend a hand and touch the much rounder and brighter face he's sporting. ]

You've changed from a god of death into a proper teacher... I knew it would suit you better.

[ Even if he's not an ikemen any longer-- ]
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I don't have any tentacles of my own to be honest for me! And I believe, to connect with anyone, you have to be truthful with them.

[ Then again, she'd been far more comfortable talking about herself with an assassin-turned-guinea-pig than she had with her own fiancee... well. No need to dwell on it now. Any future she might have hoped for or resigned herself to has ended, but there's no bitterness on her face when she slowly draws her hand back from his own cheery countenance. Only a wistful sort of fondness. ]

But I'm not the one to ask. Just look at your class. Those children... because of you, they've all changed, for the better. They've grown so much, in strength and confidence.

If my death brought that about, I'm glad... it brought you to them.
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[ Aguri flushes a little-- maybe because she wants to protest that he's teasing her again, but at the same time, there's a layer of sincerity there. But there's also the matter of his paling to consider.

... His tentacles have spread their influence to his skin, haven't they? Her expression turns pensive. ]

Then... you're really happy?

[ It's all she truly wishes for. For her sister to have found her own happiness, and not bitterness and loss after her passing. For her students to thrive. And for this man to find a reason to smile. ]
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[ He's... truly happy. The man who seemed to smile so sincerely, but who had rarely meant it, the man who had fought like a savage beast for his freedom when he'd learned of his fate... there's very little of his original appearance in the brightly-colored octopus-like creature before her, but Aguri finds comfort in his touch regardless. His tentacles are familiar, and it makes her smile, as she closes her eyes and folds her fingers over his "hand". ]

You don't need to thank me. I'm just as grateful that I was given the chance to meet you. [ And because of it, her class was in good hands. He was in good hands.

Really, there's no reason to linger, and it's why she slowly, gradually starts to become a little more opaque. This... it's fine like this. He'll be all right. ]
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I'm not sure how I'd do with any sort of assassination.

[ She sighs it out, almost reprovingly, but it gets her to look at him. There it is, that honest response from his skin, a blue that makes her heart feel just a bit tighter in her chest. He will be fine, she knows that, due to his own strength and the children he's teaching...

But this isn't easy. Truthfully, Aguri doesn't want to leave. If she could stay, see her sister again, stand alongside this man and help her class to grow...

But, no. She no longer has a place here, and he's taken that place admirably. It's more than she ever could have asked for, but tears prickle at her eyes anyway. ]

But I would have liked to see how things continue to go from here... sensei.

[ Whatever his name is now, at least that title is properly his. ]
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Please don't-- [ Give her a minute to sniffle into his... tentacle, okay, this is a little awkward, but she's having a reunion with an assassin turned giant octopus, she's just going to roll with it.

And blubber a little more, she's kind of sentimental right now. ]
... s-say that. I don't want to see you where I am, for a very long time.

[ Even though she knows as well as he does, of his death sentence... still. While he's alive, while he still draws breath, there's still hope for him. She'll continue to believe that. ]
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[ Of course she wouldn't be fond of it. All she'd wanted, at first, was to understand the man who'd been turned into a guinea pig. And then, all she'd wanted was to save him. From his loneliness, from the scientists, from himself, until she'd found herself weakly smiling up at him and making one final request.

She didn't want to see him join her. Not like this. A man like him... deserved more happiness than the world had been able to give him, and now that he's finally where he belongs... she wants him to be able to stay there.

Right now, though... Aguri selfishly soaks in the sensation of being held, even if it's by a giant octopus. He's still very much the man she'd gotten to know, even if he's changed-- for the better, of course. Her own arms hardly hesitate, before she's returning the embrace, as much as she can manage. Her arms are nearly see-through now. ]

I still think you're... very cool, actually.
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[ Sooner or later, Aguri's forced to acknowledge, he'll die. The fate of all living things. She highly dislikes the fact that he's speaking as though it will be so soon, wants to believe that the people who have come to know and care for him will find a way where she'd failed to do so... but at some point, they will meet again.

The time she has with him is frail and short as it is. ]

I'll wait, [ she assures him now, doing her best to make her wavering voice steady. ] And I know you'll have even more to tell me, about all of the adventures you've had and the people you've looked at.
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We'll have all the time in the world to get through them. [ It's the most reassuring thing she can offer him right now, and she rests one translucent hand on his tentacles, taking a deep breath. Ironic, when she no longer has any need to breathe, but this is his dream. There's no even guarantee that he'll even remember it.

She hopes, if he does remember anything, it will be that she wished for his happiness. ]

... I'll see you again, Sensei.

[ And, with a brighter smile, she's suddenly gone. ]