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PARTY TIME (closed)

[ Somehow, after all those repeated (failed) kidnapping attempts, a semi-unwelcome stay in the castle (that was also a failed kidnapping attempt), and several more awkward encounters - somehow, some way, he's managed to actually befriend the princess. Which, admittedly, wasn't exactly what he was going for in the beginning, but when he thinks about it, it still sort of counts as stealing her away to his side. It was just a platonic, non-combative theft! And now, he's in the perfect position to get close to her and concoct a perfect plan of sabotage. That's right - he was actually successful. Kind of. Totally what he was going for.

In another area, however, he's been extremely unsuccessful. As the evil demon lord, it's only natural to intend to kidnap the gentle, kind princess of the good kingdom and make her his bride. That would be cool, and wonderfully evil, of course. The only problem is that his plans had disintegrated pretty quickly, turning from "steal the princess" to "steal the princess's heart." And then that had turned more into "win the princess's heart." The more he'd watched her, the more he'd admired her, and now that he's actually friends with her, his puppy crush is turning into a full-grown bull mastiff of romance. Or something. The point is, he's pretty in love with her (though he wouldn't admit it), and has made exactly zero progress in winning her heart.

So when he hears about the royal masquerade ball being held in her castle, he pretty much has to go. It's a great opportunity to kidnap her/spend time with her/????, of course, but more than that... the idea of her in a pretty dress that he won't be able to see, dancing with someone other than him makes him feel all upset. Maou's mind is made up pretty much instantly.

But, of course, the demon lord isn't going to get invited to a party. Which means he has to sneak in. It's quite painful for him to part with his ravishingly intimidating final boss costume, but he does what he must to blend in with the populace and get closer to his princess...! There's not much he can do about the horns, but he's hoping his mask will help him play them off as part of a costume. As for the fangs and nails... Well. He'll just have to hope for the best.

There's a reason he's not a very successful demon lord.

He manages to slip in pretty easily, with some clever application of his shapeshifting abilities - bats are good at getting in through those little balcony things - and, miraculously, lay low while he waits for her to make her appearance. No, he hasn't told her that he's coming. Surprising her with his dashing, courageous appearance is obviously way cooler. ]
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[Demon lords don't get invitations to masquerade balls. Of course when Natalia heard this, she was incredibly displeased. Excuse you, she was trying to invite one demon lord in specific who was becoming rather dear to her -- but of course her father's obstinate counsel would hear none of it and she had to admit that it would be bad to set the precedent that maybe sometimes demon lords were welcome in her kingdom. So even though she wasn't that happy with it, she wasn't able to invite Maou. She could imagine his pouting at the lack of an invitation already but she had thought that perhaps fortune would favor her and he wouldn't even hear about it.

He wouldn't be interested in this kind of thing anything -- or at least that's how she justified it to herself.

When the night of the ball comes, however, Natalia is delighted as she always is. The doors are open to everyone in the kingdom and a few ambassadors, making the entire ballroom full of light and laughter. She spent a few moments mingling before she went to check on how the servants were handling everything. Just because she's a hostess doesn't mean that she can neglect her subjects.

But now from the sounds of it, the party was in full swing and she was due to appear again. So after smoothing out her dress gently and adjusting her own mask, she's rounding the corner to head for the dance floor again and all too suddenly bumping into someone.]

Oh my!! [Having steadied herself on the person's arm, she immediately retracts her hand and blinks as the apology comes naturally.] I sincerely apologize, I--

['-- didn't expect someone to be here' dies on her lips as she looks up at him and recognition definitely starts to kick in.]

You.... Could it be....?

[But there's no way Maou got an invitation? CONFUSION.]
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[Loud.... So loud..... Even when he's trying to be quiet, he's loud.

So naturally Natalia just spares him a withering glance. Then, because she can't help but respond to his pompousness with some firmness of her own:]
I don't believe you're in any position to tell me to be quiet.

[But it's with that that she does spare a glance to those who had been staring at Maou before -- meeting their curious eyes with a judgmental stare of her own that could make grown men cower. Apparently it makes them feel rather sheepish as they very quickly avert their gazes. Well. Let no one be mistaken about who truly rules over this party.

Yet the guiltiness of others manages to appease her as she looks back to Maou and her gaze softens considerably. Despite everything--]

I am surprised.... but pleasantly so. Try not to make a spectacle of yourself regardless. Father had told me I wasn't allowed to invite you and though I am willing to try his patience in most matters, I'd rather not ruin a nice evening.

[Nicer now that there's a familiar face that probably isn't looking to muddle things with politics and power plays.]
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[He is trying.... Natalia considers her words once again and can understand why they might've been taken the wrong way. Gently, she shakes her head once.]

No, I see how you're trying and I have enough faith in you that I don't think that you'd ruin the ball on purpose.... but it would be dampened if my father were to discover you were here and I would have to fight with him all over again about letting you stay.

[She'll fight everybody for her friends!! And honestly, even though Maou has a certain reputation, she is fond of him.

But even so she offers a soft smile even as she mimics his earlier gesture and raises a finger to her lips.]

We can keep a secret, I think.

[She almost sounds delighted at the idea. Wow, how duplicitous!! And maybe a little romantic but mostly just exciting. Ah, her priorities are a shame.]
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[For some reason, she doubts that he's going to be inconspicuous at all. But she doesn't voice that, instead just settling for amused. No matter his (weird, long-term) reasoning, it appears that he has no intention of making her pick fights with her father tonight. So he's rewarded with a pleased, satisfied smile.

.... and then a slight laugh that she obscures with the back of her hand at his questioning. Such worry! Wow, it's almost like he tried to impress her or something.]

You look very handsome, Maou. Quite dashing, really. [And she does sincerely mean this from the bottom of her heart, giving him a brighter smile and a nod of approval.] It all... rather suits you, I'd say.

The mask livens up the whole ensemble!

[that's a compliment probably]
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[What is this.... He's so bashful and he looks so happy. She honestly has to raise a hand to cover her mouth gently to keep from smiling too obviously at him when he seems out of his depth. That could almost be considered rude!! But in truth, her eyes are alight with amusement. She's always been bad at obscuring her emotions.

So instead she's just lowering her hand when he delivers his own compliment, offering a pleased smile in return.]

Do you truly think so? That's awfully sweet of you to say -- thank you.

[Unlike.... someone else here.... Natalia's received many a compliment tonight, probably more than a few from people who are seeking to gain her favor. But hearing it from Maou, who she knows without a doubt means it genuinely, it warms her heart even if her words are a little practiced. She opens her mouth to say something else when she hears the music coming from the dance floor change--

And she perks up in recognition.]

Oh Maou, do you know how to dance? I love this song....!
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[this nerd.... she gives him a sideways glance at his grumbling, a small smile already playing on her face. Really, what is he expecting of her? When would Natalia ever actually rephrase something that she means sincerely..... his behavior has been sweet and it's made her quite happy indeed.

and the fact that he can dance makes her very happy too. She brightens up a little bit at the confirmation, glad that she won't have to leave his side just yet (she'll dissect the reasoning behind that at a later date, maybe) nor would she have to miss out on this song. so instead she turns to him and offers a hand.]

Sweet or not [but he is sweet, for the record] would you mind accompanying me in this dance, your Lordship?