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the hug meme.

>> POST with your character
>> TAG others, use rng if you need to, or just make up your own scenario if you want!

001 THE FRIENDLY HUG | this person is your good pal, and you just wanna give them a fond squeeze to let them know.
002 THE ROMANTIC HUG | you just want to be closer, so wrap your arms around them, maybe rub their back some...
003 THE BEAR HUG | maybe you haven't seen them in a while, so how about a giant hug that lifts them off their feet.
004 THE HUG FROM BEHIND | surprise them, guess who?! or maybe they're having a bad day, cheer them up.
005 THE AWKWARD HUG | maybe it's on accident, but whatever the case is, you can't help but feel a little nervous about hugging them.
006 THE COMFORT HUG | you've had a hard day: perhaps you woke up late, perhaps your brother attempted to kill you yet again, or perhaps you discovered that all your friends are dead. a hug will solve it just nicely.
007 THE ❝GOODBYE❞ HUG | for whatever reason, you're leaving, perhaps for a short while or for a very long time. better get a hug in there quick!
008 THE ❝I'M SORRY❞ HUG | actions speak louder than words, will this person get the message?
009 THE ❝GIVE IT A LITTLE EXTRA❞ HUG | give them a kiss with it, shoulder nuzzle, whatever — but let the hug linger a little!
010 THE ❝BUT I DON'T WANT A HUG❞ HUG | make them see sense! cling, and don't let go for anything! — if you're the hugged, try to get loose. or maybe you'll give in! everybody loves a quitter.
011 WILD CARD | roll again, mix and match, or create your own.

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