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the hug meme.

>> POST with your character
>> TAG others, use rng if you need to, or just make up your own scenario if you want!

001 THE FRIENDLY HUG | this person is your good pal, and you just wanna give them a fond squeeze to let them know.
002 THE ROMANTIC HUG | you just want to be closer, so wrap your arms around them, maybe rub their back some...
003 THE BEAR HUG | maybe you haven't seen them in a while, so how about a giant hug that lifts them off their feet.
004 THE HUG FROM BEHIND | surprise them, guess who?! or maybe they're having a bad day, cheer them up.
005 THE AWKWARD HUG | maybe it's on accident, but whatever the case is, you can't help but feel a little nervous about hugging them.
006 THE COMFORT HUG | you've had a hard day: perhaps you woke up late, perhaps your brother attempted to kill you yet again, or perhaps you discovered that all your friends are dead. a hug will solve it just nicely.
007 THE ❝GOODBYE❞ HUG | for whatever reason, you're leaving, perhaps for a short while or for a very long time. better get a hug in there quick!
008 THE ❝I'M SORRY❞ HUG | actions speak louder than words, will this person get the message?
009 THE ❝GIVE IT A LITTLE EXTRA❞ HUG | give them a kiss with it, shoulder nuzzle, whatever — but let the hug linger a little!
010 THE ❝BUT I DON'T WANT A HUG❞ HUG | make them see sense! cling, and don't let go for anything! — if you're the hugged, try to get loose. or maybe you'll give in! everybody loves a quitter.
011 WILD CARD | roll again, mix and match, or create your own.

kris makis

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slushfund: it's no wonder every man in town had neither fought nor found you (ɪ ᴛᴜʀɴ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜ)

8... LMAO...

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[it's not the first time he's accidentally scared her or caused her to jerk away from him, but hiruma can't recall a time he regretted it—until now, at least.

when he's angry, he yells. when he's impatient, he yells. when he's mistaken, he yells. makise never told him why it bothers her so much, but the quarterback never really asked (or needed to know, then). this situation is similar, except something's changed. he doesn't know what it stems from, or why her startled face makes him feel like he's done her a grand discourtesy, he simply knows that it has to change.

starting with the lowering of the large gun, the butt of the m4 hitting the ground with a loud clatter, barrel tipping against the wall.

What the hell is that look for?

[don't you trust me?

trust is a spooky thing—even hiruma's not entirely sure he trusts her, certainly not with the mess of thoughts he has about her. he does, however, deal with her physically, casually on a daily basis. so why not smooth things over with the only thing he can think of doing? do girls like this kind of thing— rather, more importantly, does makise of all people? he supposes that he's about to find out...

stepping forward well within her personal bounds, hands slipping past her shoulders with a plain look, hiruma leans in and wraps her into a tight hug.
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ew don't touch her with your sweaty football arms!!

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[ She should be used to his shouting by now - any man shouting, really. She hates this part of her. It's weak, it's embarrassing, it's not fitting for a woman like herself, she thinks, but as it turns out, thinking does very little to override a hyperactive amygdalic stress reaction. Before the logical part of her can reason that it's just Hiruma, he's always loud, don't worry about it, the rest of her is shrinking back in instinctual fear, waiting for her father's frown and a tirade of accusations and disappointments to follow.

Naturally, it doesn't. She knew it wouldn't. And she's sitting here showing Hiruma that pathetic side of her again. It's a miracle he hasn't started picking on her for this yet, really, she thinks. The gun dropping snaps her out of it (that should be what's scaring her, but it doesn't anymore - wonderful), and she does her best to shake off the paleness in her face and the wateriness in her eyes. ]

-- Nothing! It's not like you yelling at me scared me or something! I just -- have a stomachache, that's all! That pudding was probably...

[ her hasty excuses drop off into silence when he comes closer, eyes widening, that fear returning somewhat more seriously for half a second. It's not that she doesn't trust him. It's just that he's unpredictable. For example, she would never have guessed that he was about to hug her.

For his information, she's not really the type who likes this kind of thing, no. Or, at least, she likes to pretend she doesn't. But she's too caught off-guard by the action to do more than freeze up, and she respects him too much to shove him off and cuss him out for it. Embarrasment will set in momentarily, no doubt. ]

H... Hiruma? [ he could be making fun of her again by acting sentimental. or, perhaps, he's serious this time. ]
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why am i putting him here
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he will give you an a+ platonic hug
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[truck backfiring] from death parade

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zara fine jewelry

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