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Just post a comment with who you're looking for in the subject line,
and I'll appear to thread with them! You can include a picture prompt,
a prompt in writing, or no prompt at all, if you want me to come up with
something on my own.



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i was not kidding

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1. mejojo jojo + oj being shitty brothers... maybe slightly precanon and getting their shit together so they can ruin everything when canon actually starts?? or just being fucking maniacs and going wolf hunting

2. sebastian and neuro's honeymoon aka let's just continue cdc

3. garry and doobs the only pure part of this list... I'll pick a shipping meme and go for it

4. ciel and glottis so that he can learn #notalldemons but he'll still be racist

just pick and choose whichever ones you're interested in!! i'll write prompts tomorrow
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2 first unsurprisingly

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[ I'm honestly not going to go refresh myself on cdc lore for this thread so let's WING IT!!! ]

[ Which is to say that they're still on the Weird Fallout World, but instead of rocks fall and everyone but the favored dies, they've simply made it to the base and are awaiting further instruction on just what to do. It seems that this is a stopping point for something larger, but as usual, they're not exactly told what. All that matters to the recruits is that there will be a mission for a group of them to undertake soon. It's little more than scouting to secure their location, but as with many things, Sebastian is taking this seriously.

Which, honestly, that's impressive considering one of his teammates is Neuro. They may have made a pact together, but that hardly stopped Sebastian from finding Neuro irritating at the very best. They're both naturally egotistic creatures, but how they express it is radically different.

So, with a map laid out before them, Sebastian points to an area which he circles with his finger. ]

...Well, if we wish for success, I do believe that we should concentrate our efforts in this location above the others.

[ It looks very boring. There are definitely places around it that look way more interesting. ]
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[ fuck yea

to be fair to Sebastian, everyone finds Neuro irritating at best, even his partner. He is perfectly aware of this. He also doesn't care - he's surrounded by inferior creatures whose opinion of him is meaningless. Including Sebastian, in his almighty opinion. He's far less rankled to be paired up with the other demon - mostly because he's curious about what he can do. And because he wants to keep an eye on him. Sure, they have a contract, but they're naturally disloyal creatures.

Neuro's not worried about betrayal, per se, but he's beginning to see that Sebastian could be useful to him, so he'd rather put that off, if possible. Exploring a new area with an unknown variable should prove to be exciting regardless, though he loathes doing it under orders. It's good Sebastian is taking it seriously, because Neuro clearly isn't; while he's poring over the map, Neuro is pacing around, thinking about god-knows-what, and only glancing at the map when the other demon points out a location. The most boring location. Of course. ]

Hoh... What a drab choice. Do you have no taste for adventure? [ he pivots on his heel to face the map, as well, plunking his finger down on an entirely different location. It's got unusual topography, apparently. Might have something to do with the "poisonous geysers" notice written nearby. ] We shall go here. It is more to my tastes.
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hello... is it me you're looking for

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[ The pacing doesn't bother Sebastian too terribly, but when Neuro steps forward to offer his (unwanted) opinion. Sebastian sighs heavily, since of course he would pick the absolutely most trecherous destination. He shakes his head, but also reaches to wave away Neuro's hand from the poisonous geysers section. ]

Adventure is for people who want an early death.

[ no fun allowed ]

It may be more to your tastes, but unnecessary danger is just that. Unnecessary.
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it was....

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[ what do you mean unwanted, everyone needs neuro's opinion on everything!! ]

Hmm? You're speaking nonsense. Without risk, there is no reward. Walking the easiest path available is the way of the weak and braindead. [ he snakes his hand away before Sebastian can touch it, green eyes flicking up at the other demon challengingly. ] Surely something like this isn't truly a danger for you, shade? Perhaps you are more of a domesticated lapdog than I took you for, in my generosity.

[ we're going on this vacation honey and you're gonna like it ]
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1. i literally typed 'taking ass and kicking names' at first. i want you to know that. anyway yuna and tidus sphere hunting (and obviously it goes wrong and there's some wacky crab or spider monster or something)

2. yoon&teed on vacation, possibly in luca?? or maybe somewhere more quiet like gagazet and hanging out with the ronso

3. going hunting for treasure in the desert aka everyone's favorite mini game

wow i had a paid on this journal and all the icons leftover are shit for rp
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it's ok my teeds journal has the same problem... LMFAO

AND UH i'm not good at fight scenes so 2 or 3 would probably be better for me!! I LIKE THE IDEA OF A FUN VACATION IN LUCA bc let's face it tidus isn't good at quiet things... or treasure hunting, he'd be all up for that
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[ remember that time when all the electronics started going haywire? Zara remembers. Zara is, in fact, remembering it at this very moment, because - while almost everything else is functioning as it should once again - the heating system of their apartment complex is still completely offline. His understanding of how these things work remains minimal at best, but he's fairly sure the damn thing should be working again by now. Why can't they just burn wood in a fireplace like civilized people?

He spent a good twenty or thirty minutes trying to warm up properly, as evidenced by the heavier coat followed by the blanket sitting next to him on the couch, but, in the end, found it was in vain. His human form was good for many things; unfortunately, warmth is not one of those things. Too many long limbs and not enough fur. Two problems he can fix quite easily, if he so chooses. And... well, Mary isn't at home right now, so surely it would be fine.

The problem is that Zara doesn't get enough sleep in the first place. His short nap quickly turned into a long one, and, needless to say, when Mary arrives home, she'll find a lavender-haired rabbit curled up on top of a blanket on the sofa, snoozing away. ]
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[ Mary wasn't home, but that doesn't prevent her from arriving later rather than sooner, and when she steps in (shivering) into a place that's hardly warmer than outside, it's with a great deal of surprise that she spots the rabbit on the sofa.

Even remembering what Zara is, it still takes her a moment to put two and two together, and then she's creeping closer and reaching for the edge of the blanket to drape over him. It won't help him if he's snoozing on top of it! ]
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[ Mary, you're too kind... But he snaps awake the moment the blanket touches his body, in true bunny form. Gotta be on alert or the cats will eat him up, too. Of course, when he sees it's her, he relaxes immediately, forgetting, in his sleepy state, that he's still in beast form. ]

Oh -- Mary! Ugh... Did I fall asleep for that long? Goodness, that's unforgivable... I apologize. [ HOW CAN HE BE A BUTLER LIKE THIS!! ] How - how were your classes today?
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They were good! [ Well, she's always enthusiastic about learning, so long as it isn't with a whole ton of people that she doesn't know. ]

... Were you really cold, though? [ Because she's never seen him like this... ]

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That's good. [ punctuated with a yawn, although he politely covers his mouth with one hand. Or one paw, as the case may be. It looks appropriately weird (or cute) coming from a rabbit. It's also about at this time that her comment about being cold sinks in, and he realizes that's not a hand in front of him. ]

As a matter of fact, I -- [ was, how did you know that, oh wait i'm still a bunny. His little body suddenly freezes up, eyes widening; then, his head lowers with a heavy sigh. ] ... This is rather embarrassing.

[ at least it's just Mary... but one gets the feeling he'd be blushing if he was in human form right now. ]

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IM SORRY SIB IVE BEEN BRAINDEAD SO I CAN'T DO TOO MANY IDEAS but... I still have daydreams of Kaneki and Neuro if we played them out in CDC... I'm always a slut for CDC AUs.

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I'm fuckin hella rusty on Steins;Gate actually but HEY I SURE DO HAVE THIS MAYURI JOURNAL

the one time my Types went absolutely haywire and i have no idea how i ended up with this muse but here i am
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man i'm so rusty too and i'm not good with kurisu anymore so we might have to put that off for now... i am 100% for cdc aus though because i got blueballed so bad by the game closing!! UGH. was there anything in particular you were interested in exploring with them? or we can just make something up if not!!
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that's fine!! Kaneki is far easier for me regardless. but HMMMMMm, considering how they left off with that (i think it was a TDM?) thread, what sort of things do you think would've branched off from there? I can't say too much for Kaneki because he would be On Guard since neuro sniffed out his little secret (literally), but ?? what would neuro feel galvanized to do afterwards
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Pick a prompt out of your hat Sib, because we've got CHOICES.
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also this is probably going to be tough going for me since i haven't played her very much and it's been about a year since i played xenoblade, please put up with me or crit me if i'm bad! I'M SORRY IN ADVANCE. also i'm picking prompt #2 aka mechon fiora trying to make food EAT IT SHULK!!


[ Even forgoing what had happened at Colony 9 - what had happened to her, a memory that is unfortunately as clear as ever - she hadn't ever expected to travel the world like this. The world outside of the Colony was dangerous, and she wasn't merchant, miner or military, not to mention that she'd had a very injured big brother to try to keep in bed (despite his efforts.) Yet here she is. Rather, here they are, injured big brother and delicate childhood friend included. Under other circumstances, she'd be having the adventure of her life. Well, that's not exactly right; she's sure this is going to be the adventure of her life either way. But where she'd normally be excited to explore the cities and villages and meet the peoples of Bionis, she finds herself feeling more secure when they're on the road or in the heat of battle.

It's not her. In general, Fiora doesn't feel much like herself. She isn't herself, really - not anymore. Part of her has given up and resigned itself to her final days in this strange metal body; the least she can do is use it to help Shulk and the rest, make a difference, somehow. The other part of her is anxious beyond words and desperate to find some thin branch of hope to cling to. She wants normalcy.

Undoubtedly, that's why she's still cooking things. Even if being in Colony 9 again makes her nervous, her own house's kitchen is something of a comfort, and they've certainly got no shortage of exotic ingredients to choose from. The only problem is that she can't actually taste those ingredients, which makes cooking with them tricky. To say the least. She's poring over a pot on the stove, tapping a finger against her chin. ]

Oh... Something's not right here, I just know it! But what is it?
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[Shulk won't forget what happened either, won't forget what set this all in motion, but having Fiora back...smooths the edge off sharp, biting memories, and just being able to enjoy her company again, it's like a dream. It's enough. Because she's the Fiora he remembers, even with the metal plating and built in weaponry.

Though he has to admit, the finger guns are kind of cool.

But Fiora seems unsure, says things that make him worry, and remind him this isn't normal, or good, no matter how lucky he feels himself. What good is it if she's not happy too? There's no easy answer, no simple solution to this problem, but he tries to support her as best he can. In the meantime, he's reading. Stepping out of Colony 9 was stepping into a world with technology beyond his comprehension. Perhaps, there's something out there that could...

He flips a page, resting his chin in his hand. It's a lot like when they were kids, with him studying at the kitchen table and her working at the stove. Listening to her is relaxing, or it would be, except it sounds like she's having trouble? He looks up, blinking a bit to refresh his eyes after staring at small text too long. It's hard to tell from here what the problem is, however.

Stretching, he scoots the chair back, and stands, walking over to her side. He peers at the pot, then looks to her, brows raised.

Well, you're not wearing your apron, for one.

[Very helpful, Shulk. But look, there's certain elements to this. Even if the soup had to be magma to entertain the mere thought of burning her anymore, and no clothes were at the mercy of stains, safeguards still mattered!]
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[ it is a lot like when they were kids - although they have quite a few more friends to hang around with now, which, in her opinion, makes it even better. Regardless, there's something to be said for moments like this, when it's just the two of them. She tries her best to enjoy them, even with the sea of doubts rising inside of her. Shulk's trying hard for her sake - she knows that's probably what the book he's got his nose stuck in back there is about. Keeping a light mood is really the least he can do. ]

Please, Shulk! That would just look silly. [ or cute?? finally, the robot maid girl fantasy of your dreams is here, shulk. just kidding, the only thing she's wearing right now is a pensive expression as she looks over at him and seems to consider something. Really, he's probably the worst possible candidate for this, but... he's here, so might as well. ] That's not what I mean. Something's missing from my stew... but I don't know what.

[ mostly because she can't eat it or even taste it very well anymore. ]

Call it a chef's intuition.
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[Those same friends who will be bursting in at some point, led by their stomachs and the aroma of food drifting from the kitchen. Right now, however, Shulk's going to enjoy the peace and quiet while he can. Well, once they smooth out this little bump here.

Shulk grins at Fiora, amused, except...come to think of it, that would be adorable to see, wouldn't it? Fiora in an apron. Not that it'd be anything new, exactly, but it feels like ages since the last time. Of course, his grin falters a little from her expression, and he doesn't say anything right away, instead leaning over the pot.

He sniffs at it, studies it, before reaching for a clean spoon to get a sample. A very scientific approach it seems, and he blows on the broth to cool it, before taking a sip. He hums, nods to himself, sets the dirty spoon into the sink after all that and turns back to Fiora. He doesn't mean to leave her in suspense! But he has to think about this one. Especially because in his opinion, vegetables are gross and always have been, but he's never telling Fiora about that particular quirk to his taste. Nope, taking that one to his grave.

Shulk presses a hand to his chin.

I'm no chef myself...but you're right. What could it be, though? We might have to retrace your steps.

[Is he going to make a sleuthing game out of this? He just might be. Curiosity in the Kitchen, starring two Homs.

The reality is he doesn't actually have anything else to go on because it tastes just fine to him. But he could see her being disappointed in his clear lack of taste! What if everything you make really is good and he's just being honest every time, Fiora?!

shame on u

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tears my own heart out and leaves it here for you

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[Technically, he had died once before.

It had been different. It had happened in a single instant, a sweeping motion which had wiped a slate clean. It was just as difficult to categorize the sensation of instantaneous removal from the world as it was to describe how to return after such a thing—something as indescribable as birth, as rebirth, or as the boundless hatred of a species willing to devise such an unspeakable weapon (as if the aspirations his mother had borne him with were even a degree more just). For someone who claimed to know and to understand everything, as the fragments of who he was and who he had been returned to piece him back together, they had come with a strange realization found in the infinitesimal gaps between. There was a difference between understanding something logically and understanding it fully. He did not realize this because he suddenly achieved the latter; he simply became able to see it. A nuance that he had never noticed before. One that asserted that to understand something was only a first step—to feel it was the fruition.

Everything that had been set before him to do was something that he had treated as understood, but now when faced with a world that he only understood but not fully comprehend, he found a fault and then a falter. Should he desire it, the world could be his. Meruem still saw that as a fact, encoded to a biological level. Should he desire it, much of it would fall to utter ruin before he followed suit, the true extent of humanity's cruelty blooming within him. All of this was an acknowledgement, but there was nothing that followed it. No reason. No impetus.

In the end, all he had wanted was to see her. It shifted the ground beneath his feet, the gravity of the realization of actually wanting something, more than just a whim or passing fancy—something monumental enough to forsake the accumulation of every event that had gone into his creation as king, to bend the knee to someone out of sheer desperation.

He did not regret it. Could not. He still felt that everything he did was justified, even if it went against everything he had been made to do.

Death this time was slow. Agonizing. It was a surreal dichotomy, to continuously find moments of surprise, adoration, and the highest respect for her at the same time he was being completely undone. At first it was like the first stars appearing in the night sky, decentralized and faint, and then they began to burn, to spread, to meet and then mesh and then melt into a molten sea. He maintained focus, still in a way desperate to cling to every second he had with her, playing the game now with all that he had, but no true desire to win or to lose, as the game itself was what they shared, a manifestation of his own transformation.

He was grateful that this death took its time. He could see for at least one more time the beauty of her ingenuity, even though it tore at him (even more than the illness currently destroying him on a cellular level) to think that she had to go through the same as he did. That was the last thing he thought, after his vision had started to fail him and his breath had become short. As he felt, dimly, disjointedly, the sensation of a gentle and warm touch along the planes of his face, coming to rest as a hand to hold onto his own, and heard her final words, muffled, as if through thick glass. That if he left this world with one regret, it was that she had to suffer like this in these last moments, even as hearing her say his name one final time gave him the peace to finally relinquish the last shred of life he had been doggedly holding onto.

In truth, the transition was something that, in the future, he would be unable to recount. It was like a dream, in which one suddenly became aware of the situation that they were in without context of the connecting events. But it did not matter. For some reason he was whole again, the damage inflicting by the bloom of death unwritten as if by a reverse passage of time. He drew breath. He felt pain. It was a type of life that had managed to continue on despite all rationality. He finds that he doesn't care about the specifics, because Komugi was there with him, having undergone a similar miraculous recovery.

Meruem knew of several different human idealizations of heaven. They had never meant anything to him, a king who had envisioned himself a god. This place did not match it in physicality, but to face this place without retribution or a shadow of creeping and inevitable death, he understands the concept of "heaven" far more than he had even after reading those mythologies.]

Komugi. [The silence had stretched for a long while, filled with the sounds of life. A brisk breeze, the calls of distant birds, the sound of waves. They stand now on a narrow path, fenced in on an incline, facing a city built into the mouth of a small bay to meet the ocean. He turns slightly to look down at her, taking a moment to imagine how she must see this place—a picture with no shape or color, an impression of sound and touch.]

What do you want to do today? [Something he had believed he would never get the chance to say.]
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wtf this tag is so good HOW DARE YOU.......

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[ it's not so much irrational as simply miraculous to Komugi, who (quite frankly) doesn't have the firmest of grips on the cold and gritty reality she lives - or lived, perhaps - in. A simple farming family like hers had little to look forward to but an afterlife, considering the nature of their work and the country they lived in, and she surely had even less. It wasn't something she dwelled on or even believed in, exactly. Gungi was what occupied most of her thoughts. Nothing else. And her life was worth so little that pondering her future seemed like one of the most pointless activities there was. She expected absolutely nothing.

So she didn't hesitate. She didn't understand what was happening, still, at that late hour - she'd been kidnapped again, she'd passed out, and one of the Supreme Leader's right-hand man, the one that sounded distant and elegant, had been saying something that smacked of a rebellion against the king - and there was a sort of weird feeling in her stomach. She didn't really get what was happening. From the start, she hadn't. But she didn't dare ask. Surely it would fly over her head, she thought. And surely it might offend the Supreme Leader and jeopardize her time with him. That was the last thing she wanted. When she comes to somewhere cold and still and unfamiliar, it's his voice that's calling to her, and she's glad to stumble after him until they sit down and he presses the bowl of Gungi chips into her hands one last time.

Why would she hesitate?

She didn't understand what had happened, but she didn't need to. She understood what she needed to, and it was far more than a foolish girl who could only play board games deserved. She didn't understand how or why she'd been granted this kindness - a person, a king who faced her like an equal, who would worry over her, who wanted to spend hours swapping turns before the board and dissecting her strategies. To spend hours with her, the girl who couldn't walk to the market by herself, who could never tend even a single stalk of wheat in her father's field. But she understood that he meant it. He is strict and intimidating but he is true and good and he is kinder than anyone that's ever deigned to speak to her. Komugi was happy just to be in his presence. And perhaps she'd sensed that something was wrong at the moment they'd started. There was something different about the stillness in the air, and the way he carried himself in the sound of his footsteps. Something happened. Even so, he wanted to play with her. She wanted to play with him, too.

He was dying, and she would be, too, if she stayed here. Even so, he wanted to play with her -- and she wanted to play with him, too. She should have been afraid, but her heart was racing with excitement and the tears on her face were tears of happiness and not fear. Komugi did not think deeply of things other than Gungi, but -- suddenly (or maybe she'd known all along, since she met him) -- she felt like she did understand. This was it. She didn't live to burden her family, to struggle out an existence on a farm, even to conquer her opponents over a board. She lived to be here, with him, because he needed her at this moment. And so she needed him. The pain was crushing, yet she hardly felt it. She concentrated everything on the pieces at her fingertips; then, later, the heavy-ridged crown and the rough, inhuman hand of the gentle, dying King. (No, Meruem.)

And when that miracle occurs and they're both somehow back, she doesn't even question it - all she questions is her luck, having so many good things happen to her. After all, Meruem is an incredible person - so why shouldn't a miracle happen to him? Komugi doesn't really feel a need to understand it beyond that. Questioning her good fortune and her happiness being here with him would surely jinx it and make it disappear. Things feel like they should be complicated, but they're not. Not for her. She's here, and he's here, and they can play gungi and talk about things and walk near the ocean. Or she thinks it's the ocean, anyway. She's never actually been to one, but people say this place is on a bay. The weird distant roaring of the waves is a little bit off-putting when you don't recognize it, but - but she doesn't think he'd put her in danger, so she's not scared. Unlike everyone else, it seems, she's never scared around him. ]

Huh? [ she'd been sort of zoning out in the silence (broken only by her continued sniffling), trying to place all the unusual sounds and the feel of this place, but she almost stumbles with her walking stick when he asks her that. What does she want to do?! ] Well... I kind of feel like playing gungi...

[ she literally is always thinking about it... but she seems a little bit hesitant in her statement, so maybe there's something else on her mind. especially considering it's followed by a hasty wave of her hand. ]

But, Meruem-sama, we should do what you want to do! Um, that's what I want to do!

[ getting her to keep the suffix off of his name is going to be a tough job, apparently - though she kind of smiles just saying his name. it's a small thing, but somehow, it makes her happy. ]
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[Faced with a completely new one, he thinks for a moment of the world that had been left behind. It's strange. He had believed, so intrinsically that it might as well have been ordained, that it had been his. Not even his to claim—that from the moment he had been brought into it, so it was, and he had only need muster the force necessary to inform the rest. Were any of his subjects still alive and here to tell him of it, he is sure that they would decry it a great waste and shame, but Meruem... If he feels anything at all of it, it is the vaguest sense of relief and the satisfaction that follows sharply on its heels. It was not in his nature as the scion of the loftiest ambition to question or doubt his purpose, so this, in the simplest fashion, freed him of it. This world was not one that he had been created in order to rule. He had no base-born obligation, instinct, or directive towards such a thing. For a creature created for the single intention of rule, perhaps it was ironic that he had found his only true joy in life—the one thing he looked forward to, which he couldn't drive from his mind—was the time that he spent with her, bent over the board, lost in one another's machinations.

In a way, he divests it all, the expectations and the assumptions, but in another he refuses to do so. Perhaps it was hypocritical, but just as Meruem found it impossible to regret, he also finds it impossible to renounce that which had created him, paved his path, claimed his purpose. He could not pose any ill will, for they had all acted as they felt they must. But there was no purpose for the trappings of a world left behind, of subjects perished the same he had, of a right that he had failed to truly claim (partially because he had never shared the burning passion that others had for it). So he carried it all with him—a part of him, but not his definition, as he slowly continued to form his own definition for how he wanted to move on.

Which, for now, meant very literally moving on.]

Mm, [a slight hum made as an audible manifestation of the smile that steals across his features at her response, made for her own benefit. He would have assumed as much, though that with all that they had suffered and succumbed to and then come to find in this strange place, it seems... right that her wishes would be held there. A universal constant, a cornerstone with which they were both built upon.

That she is going so far as to speak his name is already a marked step—it had been upon special request that she had begun to use it instead of "Supreme Leader"—he thinks for a moment that he might try to wrest the honorific from her as well, but... no. They had time. He would take some now to appreciate a minor victory; that, and the momentary smile that finds her at the response. Both were rare with her, and things of such rarity should be treasured.]

Let's go down into the town, then. [It wasn't necessarily a short walk, since they had to head some distance down the switchback path cut into the cliff overlooking where the city had been built around the bay. It would scarcely be an inconvenience to just fly down there, but... again, they had time. Time to appreciate a walk together.] Perhaps there is a store where we could find a board and pieces for gungi.

[That, or what they might need to make their own.

He steps forward, though certainly not too far, impeccably mindful of where she was, how she would move forward.]
Be careful, [and though his tone of voice rarely seems to modulate, it seems a shade quieter here, mellow in its expressed concern.] It is steep. Stay close to my side—I'll guide you.