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fall boolshit

the fall bullshit meme
o1. corn maze — Man, whose idea was it to go to a corn maze? They're super lame and not really that har— Oh, a dead end. Looks like you're lost in the corn maze! Will you ever escape, or will you argue about which way to go until they close the farm and come fish you out?

o2. haunted house — Okay, not a real haunted house, but one of those attractions. Maybe it's a super lame and cheesy haunted house, or maybe it's a legitimately terrifying one where you have to sign a waiver to go in. Either way, you're traversing through it. Just try not to look like a total dweeb for the photo finish!

o3. pumpkin patch — Well, I guess it's Halloween soon and I guess you need pumpkins... Who keeps taking you to all these lame fall activities? We Just Don't Know. But make sure to pick the perfect pumpkin! Or maybe just the one that looks the most like a butt. It's your pumpkin man, do what you want.

o4. speaking of pumpkins — It's fucking pumpkin-flavored everything season. Did you put in the password for the local Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte? Or does the very taste of artificial pumpkin remind you of salted asshole? Well, unfortunately, it seems that the coffee shop you've gone to only has pumpkin flavored goodies. Is this good or bad? You decide!

o5. raking leaves for ten years — Well, fall means that the leaves are littering the lawn, so it's time to clean up! Yet, no matter how many you rake, it always seems like there's more... Maybe you'll use your boredom and make a leaf pile to jump into? Or maybe you'll just express your loathing at whoever got you to do this. Or nature in general.

o6. county fair — It's the annual fall fair, so you know what that means! Hayrides, rickety amusement park rides, questionable craft booths, and of course, all the unhealthy awful food you can bear. There's even awful live country music and/or alternative rock! What else could you ask for?

o7. but it's only september — It's the most wonderful time of the year! Or so the stores would make you think, considering how much Christmas stuff is already out. Maybe that's not so bad, since you can get a head start on your shopping or just gorge yourself on the seasonal candy, but on the other hand, the Salvation Army Santa's are already ringing their bell and guilting you into donating... So enjoy a not-quite-so seasonal Christmas activity with all the joy of commercialized holidays!

o8. choose your own adventure — Have some variation of fall bullshit not represented above? Make your own prompt! Or roll again. idk how memes work

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