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fall boolshit

the fall bullshit meme
o1. corn maze — Man, whose idea was it to go to a corn maze? They're super lame and not really that har— Oh, a dead end. Looks like you're lost in the corn maze! Will you ever escape, or will you argue about which way to go until they close the farm and come fish you out?

o2. haunted house — Okay, not a real haunted house, but one of those attractions. Maybe it's a super lame and cheesy haunted house, or maybe it's a legitimately terrifying one where you have to sign a waiver to go in. Either way, you're traversing through it. Just try not to look like a total dweeb for the photo finish!

o3. pumpkin patch — Well, I guess it's Halloween soon and I guess you need pumpkins... Who keeps taking you to all these lame fall activities? We Just Don't Know. But make sure to pick the perfect pumpkin! Or maybe just the one that looks the most like a butt. It's your pumpkin man, do what you want.

o4. speaking of pumpkins — It's fucking pumpkin-flavored everything season. Did you put in the password for the local Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte? Or does the very taste of artificial pumpkin remind you of salted asshole? Well, unfortunately, it seems that the coffee shop you've gone to only has pumpkin flavored goodies. Is this good or bad? You decide!

o5. raking leaves for ten years — Well, fall means that the leaves are littering the lawn, so it's time to clean up! Yet, no matter how many you rake, it always seems like there's more... Maybe you'll use your boredom and make a leaf pile to jump into? Or maybe you'll just express your loathing at whoever got you to do this. Or nature in general.

o6. county fair — It's the annual fall fair, so you know what that means! Hayrides, rickety amusement park rides, questionable craft booths, and of course, all the unhealthy awful food you can bear. There's even awful live country music and/or alternative rock! What else could you ask for?

o7. but it's only september — It's the most wonderful time of the year! Or so the stores would make you think, considering how much Christmas stuff is already out. Maybe that's not so bad, since you can get a head start on your shopping or just gorge yourself on the seasonal candy, but on the other hand, the Salvation Army Santa's are already ringing their bell and guilting you into donating... So enjoy a not-quite-so seasonal Christmas activity with all the joy of commercialized holidays!

o8. choose your own adventure — Have some variation of fall bullshit not represented above? Make your own prompt! Or roll again. idk how memes work
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[The Pumpkin Hills were... not exactly a primo vacation spot. They were rugged, cold, difficult to hike, and crawling with things that slipped through the fabric of their dimension. Things that also exploded. Why do these ghosts explode? No one knows.

But, according to Rouge, the Pumpkin Hills were home to the best pumpkin patches in the world. And this was their first time not being extraordinarily busy during this "Halloween" season.

He remembers why they're here, of course, hiking through these shitty hills. But he also wants to make sure she knows how unhappy he is.

So very, very unhappy.

You might even say unsmiley

What are we doing out here, Rouge? How much farther is it?
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[ it's sonic, that's why they explode. you know what else explodes? pumpkins. stone golems. anything remotely mechanical. sonic himself, probably.

Naturally, she's used to this attitude from him. Shadow's never happy. That is, perhaps, precisely why she dragged him out here. Getting him out and doing something other than brooding or working (or both at the same time), Maria's wishes be damned, is like a challenging game, and she's never one to resist a challenge. If she's lucky, maybe she can even get him to crack half a smile. And, maybe - maybe - she feels a little responsible for him. Not the parent or pet-owner kind of responsible, despite how it feels sometimes. The friend kind. She likes him. He'll sit around on his own all day if he's left to his own devices. And going out on her own isn't half as much fun. ]

Oh, not much. Don't tell me the ultimate life form is tired out from a little walking. [ and jumping, and sliding, and possibly a little flying while being dragged by the woman herself... those hills can be a bit far apart. she raises an eyebrow, adding dryly: ] Need me to carry you?
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[Shadow probably also explodes. I mean, why the fuck not. Explosions. Explosions everywhere.

Hold on now. He's happy sometimes. When he's alone. When he's with Rouge and/or Omega on missions. When he's getting to do what he was intended to do. When he gets to shoot things. When he rides his motorcycle into the sunset for no apparent reason.

But not when Rouge is dragging him around for something ostensibly "fun". He'd rather eat glass.

Well... no. He does enjoy spending time with her. She makes him feel.............. things.

He huffs, offended

I'm not tired. And I don't need you to carry me, woman. [not until there's more gaps that he can't jump. The ultimate life form is ultimately land-bound] But I will need to conserve some energy. How else do you expect us to get whatever pointless gourds you pick out back to the apartment? [he pulls out his personal fake Chaos Emerald courtesy of that two-tailed boy genius; perfect for using Chaos Control without making himself a target for Eggman or whoever the fuck wants those gems this week. They had to walk there since Shadow had no idea where he was going, but the return trip would be infinitely more simple]
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[ shadow 100% also explodes ]

I never took you for such a complainer! [ the jab is light-hearted; his perpetual grouchiness rolls right over her at this point. It might get old from time to time, but it never actually gets to her. Rouge puts a hand on her hip, looking over her shoulder at him with a smirk. ] We'll be back in time for you to take your ultimate nap, sugar. Promise.

[ however much a thief's promise is worth. the fake chaos emerald does draw her eye for a moment... but only a moment. fortunately, she's not one bit interested in fake gems. as they approach yet another steep cliff, she flutters her wings, flying the short distance up to the next "step" on the mountain. It's one he'll be able to jump, she thinks. But, nonetheless, she's peering over the edge in case he needs a hand up. ]

Until then, you could try to lighten up a little. I'll bet you've never even celebrated Halloween before!
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[does rouge also explode.

do all furries in this universe explode.

Tch... [he folds his arms and ears and looks away, sneering. Ultimate nap! PLEASE. He's does not nap; he meditates to absorb stray Chaos energy and to contemplate his existence. Geez.] You're lucky I don't break your jaw for being so disrespectful. [Shadow makes a lot of threats, and he usually follows through. Not with Rouge. The worst he's ever done is locked her out of the apartment.

Fake gems are still very pretty! But this one is... eh. Only so-so. It is not nearly as clear and beautiful as the real things; it doesn't need to be. It just needs to be able to draw on, amplify, and store the energy he needs, and it does THAT just fine.

He pauses, looking at the small cliff in front of him. It's too tall to make in a single jump. A quick teleport would do it, but again, conserving energy. He carefully removes his gloves without taking off his inhibitor rings, and stuffs them into the cuff of his shoes. He jumps, grabs on to a small ledge with his nails, then vaults upwards the rest of the way

Halloween. No. I have never celebrated that holiday, and to be honest, I don't understand it. What does it even represent?

[ on the ARK they had a Christmas/New Years amalgamation and birthdays. The rest of Earth's holidays are mysteries, and not ones he ever bothered to investigate]
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[ yes. YES. YES!!! ]

[ that threat does get her to cross her arms and make a face at him; clearly, she's not impressed. Is that any way to treat a lady? Not that he ever does. Oh, she knows he has it in him to be a gentleman - he just only acts that way when they're in a pinch. Otherwise, just business and rudeness, even when she tries to drag him out of said business. Like now, for instance.

But she decides it's not worth it to ream him for it right now. She doesn't want to put a damper on her otherwise good mood. Anyway, she knows him well enough to know he's not actually mad at her. Waving his comment off with one hand, she walks a few steps while waiting for him to catch up, answering louder so that he can still hear her. Not everyone has bat ears here. ]

What's it represent? Beats me. [ WELL at least she's honest ] Remembrance of the dead, something like that. These days, it's more of an excuse to party and dress up as something scary. For one night, you get to be someone you're not.

[ which sounds moderately deep until she holds up a finger, adding: ] More importantly, it's a holiday about playing tricks and getting treats. I'm a big fan.
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[excellent I'm glad we've settled this once and for all]

[pout all you want, woman, he's not taking any of his (admittedly empty) threats, no matter what kind of sad face you make. And this isn't business. This is pointless.

He leaves his gloves off just in case there's more climbing to be done, and he listens to her incredibly lacking explanation.

Grown adults do this? They pretend to be monsters and ghosts for what? For fun? I don't understand.

[and he's not sure he wants to.

... Ah and there it is. the REAL reason. Pranks and snacks
] Tricks, hm? Well I needn't remind you what might happen to you should you attempt to prank me.
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[ it's not business, it's fun!! that's the point!! shadow!! GOSH. ]

Trust me, I know you don't understand doing things for fun, [ she replies wryly, putting her hands on her hips as she pivots back around to continue walking. She gestures as she talks. ] That's why it's a good thing you've got me around. You'd be just hopeless.

[ as for pranking Shadow... it's probably happening regardless of what he says. Rouge shoots him a teasing look at that comment from over her shoulder. ]

Oh? So you'd rather get a treat?