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[ though they may not battle each day, they do march every day, or close to it. The long days are bookended by the brief respite of camp. Most of the rest of the army looks forward to it. Jaffar has no such feelings. It's always been that way for him, though the context was different - when he is working, he doesn't have to think about anything else. He becomes an extension of his blades - all that he believed he really was, for most of his life - and lets them pull his body forward. When he has downtime, though... He has nothing. A great nothingness which he is forced to gaze into. It didn't bother him too much before, but nowadays (after meeting her) he can hardly bear to be left alone with it.

Fortunately for him, he rarely is. Even if he didn't make a point of trying to always stay around her, the two of them were almost always kept in the same unit - including outside of battle, apparently, as they're currently on their turn to patrol the area. They're in enemy territory, after all. And though part of him wishes that Nino didn't have to be dragged down with him, he finds that the greater part of him is -- grateful that she chooses to stay by him. At least, he thinks it's gratitude. He's still trying to learn what he's even feeling.

The mountainous Bern landscape is unforgiving, it's cold, and the sky looks threateningly dark. Jaffar has very little doubt that he's been sent out today simply because Marquess Ostia wants to keep him away if he can. He doesn't really care. He does worry about Nino, though. When they reach the top of the small rocky outcropping they'd been climbing, he hesitates, glancing back at her. Though he's silent and stony-faced, as usual, it's easy enough to guess what's on his mind. ]
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[Marching is not easy on Nino, to be sure. She's small in stature and a little delicate, and not really used to this sort of thing--


She's got grit and guts and a lot of determination, and she has Jaffar--so that's enough for her. Whenever her energy starts to flag, she sees him and the fact that everyone was willing to allow him to stay flashes through her mind again.

It could've been otherwise. But she has Jaffar, and that's enough for her, and she's so grateful that he could stay that she won't do anything that could possibly threaten that allowance.

She doesn't notice him glancing at her, of course. She's too distracted by mountains.]

Oh...! [Nino, don't wander quite so close to the edge.]

Jaffar, look at how far up we are!
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Jaffer... um, sorry.

[She didn't mean to scare him, that's for sure; she doesn't seem to mind that his grip is bruising, even if there's a slight wince to her smile. Obediently, though, she shuffled back. She knows he means well, and that's what matters most to her.

There's a long pause, and then... well, there's even more reason for her to smile, right?

So she does, brightly.]

Um, and... Jaffar...?


Thank you...for always looking out for me like that. I know it's probably a lot of trouble.
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[It's fine... he's more than gentle enough for her, okay!! Either way, she bites her lips at that. Someone worth protecting......... that's super sweet, but she's not really sure it's true.

But that's not Jaffar's problem, and so instead, she musters up a smile.]

No...! I could never think that.

[Jaffar looks just fine to her.]

I think that your expression's looked better and better lately. [Nino, the only one who can tell differences between Jaffar's "..."'s.]

Because-- [And then there's the raindrop, and another and another, and Nino doesn't notice until one hits her in the forehead, and then she blinks.

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[It's better, Jaffar!! His color looks better, he looks (a bit) happier... Nino likes to see him being able to live a little, instead of just dealing with the Black Fang and his assassinations all the time.

But she doesn't say that, because the subject changes and she's not eloquent enough for that anyway, instead making a small noise of surprise when the downpour properly starts.

Aaaaaah--this high up in Bern, the rain is cold and unpleasant, and Nino futilely tries to cover her head with her hands, until suddenly Jaffar is covering her with his cloak. Oh...]

Um...right! We'd better hurry, or you'll catch a cold like this!

[Not that she's not grateful he's shielding her, but...she's worried. TIME TO FIND A CONVENIENT CAVE or something.]
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[It's very Jaffar for him to already know where they need to go. Because of that, and knowing what he's good at... she has no problems with just stumbling along with him, totally and completely trusting.

And sure enough, there they are, suddenly in a convenient cave!!! Nino is grateful for it, at least; she stumbles to a stop, and then slowly sinks to her knees, breathing hard in sharp contrast to Jaffar's calm.

She's a squishy mage, even if he was slowing down for her, it's not easy for her to make mad dashes in mountains. Phew...]

Haaa... that was... it really started to rain...suddenly.


It's a good thing this cave was here... did you notice it on the way up, Jaffar? [jaffar is so cool!!]
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[Jaffar is concerned that he didn't slow down enough, but Nino is...well, naturally, she's impressed by him. She's always impressed by him, because Jaffar has always seemed so infinitely and intensely capable at all times (aside from when he's bleeding out because he won't accept help, obviously). She catches her breath soon enough, following his example and pulling off her mage's cloak to at least try to dry them off a little.]

Oh, I see...

[So Jaffar always noticed this sort of thing about every place he went? It's impressive.

She wrings out her cloaks as best she can (with her noodly mage arms), nodding thoughtfully.]

That's really amazing, Jaffar... I had no idea you always notice this sort of thing! [my boyfriend assassin can't be this cool: a novel by nino

As soon as she's wrung out her cloak (or more accurately, given up on it) she lays it out and plops herself down next to Jaffar, beaming up at him.]

I'm fine, thanks to you! [And your mad cave sensing techniques.] I think we'll probably be okay here for a little while... do you think it'll be raining for long?
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[Don't look so sad, Jaffar........... she's not expecting you to be able to predict the weather??? It was a topic starter...

But Nino just looks thoughtful, peering at the rain outside before she shrugs and wraps her arms around her legs. It's cold.]

Me neither. [See, they're both ignorant fools!]

I guess we'll just have to wait it out and see, huh? I hope everyone else doesn't worry about us too much...

[Yes, it's "us" because clearly Eliwood's army will worry a ton if Jaffar doesn't come back safe and sound!!! Matthew is clearly fretting right this instant.]

I'm glad you're with me, though. It'd be really lonely by myself.

[Also she'd probably have fallen off a cliff by now]
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[It makes her smile, to be sure. Even if Jaffar is too dumb for topic starters, she still loves being around his awkward ass. And...there's something about hearing that he'll always be with her that makes her relieved. Even if they're stuck in a cave in the rain all by themselves, she's satisfied, because if Jaffar's there, everything is fine.

It's a strangely strong feeling. But she accepts it, because it's warming even as she's drenched, and she's happy.]

Mm... a little, but I'm okay!

[She doesn't want him to be troubled by something they can't help, after all.]

I bet we'll dry and feel warm again soon, so... it's okay!

[At least she's got optimism to spare, even if she doesn't have the words to say "Actually the words you said just gave me a doki and now I feel oddly warm".]
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[Sort of...? Kind of? She sort of believes that they'll be dry soon, but she definitely believes that they'll be okay, so she doesn't really know how to answer that. She's puzzled for a moment, quiet and thoughtful, head tilted (and hair still dripping a little) before she nods firmly.]

I know we'll be okay.

[Oh, that's the interpretation she's going with now.]

We've been through a lot worse than this, right? [Together.

So ultimately she just settles next to him (and tries to suppress a shiver) and beams up at him.]

A little bit of rain definitely won't stop us.

[The illness and freezing cold, on the other hand, might, but she's not thinking about that.]
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[His curtness, as ever, doesn't bother her. She understands it better than she ever has before, after all. Jaffar's just worried, right? She can't blame him. This is a bit of a shoddy situation, and there are people back at camp who are probably worried about them too. (She feels bad about that, thinking about Canas and Erk and everyone worrying. It's not fair, but she'll just have to apologize when they get back.)

She leans back against a rock (for now, it's comfortable, but who knows how long that will last), arms wrapped around her legs as she's contemplative.]

Hey, Jaffar... do you think it's cold enough for snow?

[Probably not, Nino, and you should probably be glad for that.]

I've never seen snow before.

[Okay she's just excited about new things, what else is new.]
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[It's definitely a bad time to hope for snow....but it also sounds so nice?! She can't help it. Idly, she crosses her arms around her legs, thoughtful.]

No, never!

[Because clearly it only snows in certain places in feland.]

But Lloyd and Linus talked about it sometimes! They said if we ever went up north together on a mission, we could build snowmen and make snow angels... and have snowball fights!

[Things that are now never going to happen, least she seems more fond than melancholic (okay, just a little melancholic).]

Maybe someday I'll see some for myself.

[And then do none of those things.]
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[He's hesitant about a lot of those implications, but Nino being Nino...she brushes right over them immediately. At his suggestion, she brightens, beaming up at him immediately.]

Oh, really? Could we?

[There's no doubting from the smile on her face that she'd rather do anything but that--going to Ilia to see the snow with Jaffar after the war sounds honestly perfect to her. Maybe they won't be able to build snowmen and have snowball fights like Lloyd and Linus had talked about but...

Somehow, she thinks that just seeing the snow with Jaffar would be enough in its own way.

She doesn't examine that too closely, though.]

I would really like that!
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[Is she supposed to be surprised Jaffar has never made a snowman...... she's not surprised. There is no surprise here, her surprise is in the negative digits.

Either way, she is slowly but surely becoming an expert in Jaffar-isms, and she's pretty sure he's okay with this.]

Then...maybe when we get there, we can build one together!

[Nailed it!!]

I'm sure that with the both of us, we can figure it out.
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I guess so...

[She's peering out into the entrance as well, shivering as she does. The rain's still coming down hard, and the chill is quite a lot; she's tiny and doesn't have much in the way of warmth, and is starting to regret the skirt.

Shivering, she huddles back down to wrap her arms around her legs.

Of course, she's mostly worried for Jaffar as well, as per usual.]

Are you cold, Jaffar...? Maybe we can...find a way to start a fire or...or dry out our capes!

[nailed it

as if he hasn't already thought about that, Nino...]
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Oh, yeah!

[It's an idea, and that's better than they had before; carefully, Nino pulls out her tomes (from wherever they are) and sets them on the ground. She has her ever present Elfire tome, and a Thunder tome as well; it's obvious to her that Thunder won't help so she picks up the Elfire tome, brow furrowing a little.


I've...never tried to do anything but the spells I've heard the incantations for, but...

[Maybe she can try to just make a little heat or fire?]
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[Honestly, it means a lot coming from Jaffar--especially for Nino. She's never really had anyone have faith in her and her abilities; she's only ever been knocked down time and again by Sonia and her cruel words until she truly began to believe she was worth practically nothing.

It's not true though.

It's not true at all. She's worth more than that, and....she'll prove it now. So determinedly, she nods, taking in a deep breath--and then she holds the Elfire tome open and narrows her eyes and chants the necessary words for the spell while focusing so, so much on not bringing forth too much fire--

And it works.

It actually works, and for a moment she's so surprised that the spell almost fizzles out right then and there, but some scrambling manages to save it. Though her eyes are definitely still shining, and the look on her face is nothing less than exuberant.]

I...I did it! It worked!

[And that fire sure is warm in these cold times; she won't be able to sustain it forever, but long enough to warm up and dry their clothes? Yeah, that should work.]
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[She can't help the way she giggles a little sheepishly at that, wrapping her arms around her legs again and ducking her head. There's definitely a faint blush on her face from that--praise from Jaffar, after all, is few and far between (or, perhaps, something limited mostly to her), and she treasures every last reticent word of it.

She scoots a bit closer to the first as he's spreading out their clothes; it's warm, though maybe not quite warm enough with how small it is and the size of the cave they're huddling in--but it's a start.

She ends up rubbing her arms as she does, trying to restore some feeling to the tips of her fingers as she gets just that little bit closer to the fire. It feels...good to know that she accomplished this. It feels like really, Jaffar was right--she can do these things, and not drag him down, either.]

I'm glad... I'm really glad that I was able to help.

[She doesn't want to be useless. More than anything she can't stand the thought that she might have been useless, or even worse, to Jaffar's detriment.]
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[She lifts her head at his calling of her name, though she's at least patient as he seems to think through what he wants to say. After so much time with Jaffar, she's gotten used to this--to his pauses, to his silences--and she knows when he has more to say.

It doesn't bother her. As far as she's concerned, it's always been worth it to wait and see what Jaffar wants to say.

Though this...does surprise her a little, admittedly.]


[Her...hand? Granted, it's Jaffar, so even as she looks puzzled, she doesn't really hesitate to do just that, offering him her hand immediately.]

What is it?
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[She thinks...that somehow, there's something really warm about Jaffar's hands around hers. Even though his fingers are just as cold, almost icy at the still feels warming. While the shadows would make him look sinister to anyone else, Nino knows better.

He's Jaffar.

He's someone who she cares about more than anything, and who would never let any harm come to her. So when he offers that up... well, her immediate thought is that he must be cold too, and she doesn't even think about anything beyond that. Instead, she scoots closer, brow furrowed in concern.]

Are you cold too...? [A rueful, self-deprecating shake of her head.] Of course you are, it's really cold... [What are you saying, Nino, duh!!] Um--I think sitting together really might be better so...

[It's kind of some awkward shuffling closer, but she really is worried about him too!!]
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[Jaffar's arm around her, she's sure, is a lot warmer than it actually is.

Jaffar must be cold too, after all. After being in the elements this long, and cold and wet, there's no way that it's as warm as it feels.

But Jaffar's arm truly does feel so, so warm. She leans into his touch automatically, and then scoots closer by instinct when he hesitates towards pulling her closer. It won't do either of them much good if they don't properly huddle together, after all--so she doesn't stop moving closer until she's pressed against his side, huddled there, and leans against him.

She didn't really notice how cold she was, after all, until she finally has that relief of warmth from him (or maybe it's just because it's him that this feels so warm...?). Her cheeks are hot, but she just ducks her head a little to try and fail to hide that, and otherwise... well, she's smiling, of course. This is better for the both of them. They're just doing it to stay warm and alive, but...

It makes her happy, too, to be this close to him. It makes her happy to have his arm around her...and it makes her happy that Jaffar seems okay with it too.

She doesn't say anything--but she does sigh, softly and contentedly, as she leans against him.]